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W3R2 - not covering as much distance


I've just started C25K and am loving it. I'm 56, not particularly overweight but haven't really done any exercise for years although as I can't drive, I do walk a lot. I'd really appreciate advice on the following.

I have just completed W3R2 - and I am taking those 3 minute runs VERY slowly! So slowly in fact, I've noticed I don't cover as much ground as I did in the first two weeks. Is that normal/OK?

Also, I have found that my legs really ache after runs. I always take a recovery day - sometimes two - but there is always a little residual stiffness, even though it is easing up slightly. Will this disappear eventually? I really don't think I'm over doing it (see above!) and I have great trainers and my feet aren't causing any problems at all.

Would be grateful to hear what people think.

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Hi SipMiss!

In Week 1 you do a total of 8 mins running, 12 mins walking.

In Week 2 you do a total of 9 mins running, 12 mins walking.

In Week 3 you do a total of 9 mins running, 9 mins walking.

(not including the 5 minute warm-ups/warm-downs)

I think this is right, just looking back at the intervals! So you can see Week 3 is actually shorter in terms of time so totally normal to be going less far. You are still very new to running so really don't be too hard on yourself, you are doing great! Main thing is getting out the door and ticking those runs off, don't worry about pace :) Best of luck! xx

sarah469Graduate in reply to sarah469

Also, yes in my experience the aching does lessen as you go on and totally normal. As long as it's more ache/stiffness than pain I don't think you have anything to worry about, very normal!

SipMiss in reply to sarah469

Ah - thanks Sarah, that is very helpful. I didn't realise W3 was actually shorter! That makes sense! x


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

W3 is shorter duration than the previous week's. Don't get hung up on distance or pace, just complete the duration at a comfortable pace.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you - I have to say I am really enjoying it. Have been reading the posts on overdoing it this morning and I can see how easy that is to do, as one gets so enthusiastic!


Dont bother about distance the point is you're completing the runs good luck 😊😊

SipMiss in reply to Buddy34

Thank you so much!


Welcome SipMiss don't forget to do your stretches after a run, this should help with the aches. Also do stretches/pilates/yoga on your non running days if you aren't already, to keep everything mobile. It's great for us to do even if not running as we naturally seize up as we get older. I defo notice the difference if i don't do them.

Congratulations on getting this far and I hope you enjoy the rest of the program :)

Happy running x

SipMiss in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you for your input which is very useful - I have not done any stretches as the C25K app does not suggest any. I thought that the 5 minute warm-up walk at the beginning and end of each run would suffice. I take it I'm wrong - where can I find out more about stretches?

JogunlikelyGraduate in reply to SipMiss

In the first reply above there is a link to all things c25k. From there there is another link (quite a long way down) to post run stretches.

On non run days I have a DVD or go onto YouTube and pick a stretch/yoga/pilates workout for beginners depending on how long I have.

If you've not done yoga or Pilates then it's worth going to class in person so the instructor can guide you on correct form (which is really important)


SipMiss in reply to Jogunlikely

Thank you - there's a yoga class on Tuesday lunchtimes near me that is obviously worth checking out. Have a lovely Sunday!

I thought that tonight, started week 3 and only covered just over a mile whereas I had been previously doing nearly 3! My legs are a bit stiff too - I've just read on here stretches before and after will help so I hope so - Good Luck☺️

SipMiss in reply to CPsparky

I completed W4 R3 and had to stop because I think I've got shin splints. I haven't run for several weeks now but am determined to start again, I really miss it. I will definitely be doing lots of stretches! Good luck to you too!

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