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Running on hoo. Huge thanks for getting me this far.....fab forum friends!

No injuries so that's the good news. The next 2 months are a crucial time for my husband and me with our business, it's a bit like 'our harvest'. For that reason along with dark mornings and evenings (too scared to run out in the sticks in the dark) I have to put running on hold. I am really disappointed and when I come on the forum I miss it even more but I have to be realistic.

I am still doing Pilates once a week and I am going to try and swim once or twice in the evenings to keep up a bit of the fitness. I don't like treadmills and like Ancient Mum don't want to pay gym fees and then not go. I have put bike and turbo trainer on my Xmas list (so sorry for mentioning the word). I haven't cycled since I was 10 but after doing the team triathlon I am really hoping to do a duathlon next year! Also my little ones are getting bikes and starting to learn so I thought it would be nice for us to do it together. Any tips on first bike purchase would be welcomed, but I think a straight forward hybrid to start, think that's what they are called!!!

What I am slightly concerned / worried about is the return to running and where to start! I think I will book a place on a 5k around end of February for something to work towards.

It sort of feels like a sad post and the end of a chapter as it will be at least 2 months before I can really start to think about running again. I will be keeping an eye on you all and dipping in now and again especially to encourage the newbies.

A million thanks for getting me this far you FAB FORUM FRIENDS (FFF - sorry Myles stealing your trademark there).

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Oh sad news that you're taking a break Nelly, but you sound like you're going to be really busy in the next few months, so probably a good idea. Best of luck with the cycling and swimming and I'll look out for you when you come back to the forum to report your PB in the February 5k. Good luck and au revoire !! :) :)


Thanks Am I will keep an eye on you too, stay off the IC and hope he return to running is going well.


Have PMd you ...


Nelly, it has been a pleasure having you here . Sorry to see you go , but when a gals gotta go , she's gotta go .

I wish you all the best , keep having a sneaky peek on here and let us know how youre going on .

Good Luck and we will be here waiting to cheer you on on your training for the 5k when you get back .

Take care and bye for now :-) xxx


Thanks for all your fab support poppy pug and I will keep an eye on you!!


Ta ta dear pal Nell. You could always sneak off for a run if you get too bogged down with business. Just a leeeetle bitty one won't hurt. Your old man won't even notice. You have to have some free time or you'll go nuts


Oh believ me he would notice but honestly unless it's midnight I won't have time! Looking fwd to coming back to see you all?


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