Fit not Fat for 50: Feels good to be back!

Having had to take a few days rest from running due to twingey right hip it feels great to be back running with W8run1 completed on Saturday and run 2 this lunchtime. Well when I say 'great' it still actually feels a little bit scary, that little Demon on my shoulder going "What you've done five minutes and you're all a'puffin' and you've got 23 more minutes to run.....? Get real would you?" Well demon I say to you: BACK OFF because I will get there. Anything for that shiny new Graduate badge, never mind the fitness ;-)

Here's a good little trick that worked for me when I had to have some days off running. I spent the time I would have been running in the local unheated Lido pool to get some exercise. The water temperature was 12.6 degrees and after half an hour I was really chilly. So running in the drizzle feels positively luxurious compared to that.

Keep up the good work everyone and thanks for all your encouragement so far.


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8 Replies

  • Oh my goodness, swimming in a Lido wow,you are single minded!! Well, if you can do that you can do anything! Well done and keep up the goodwork x

  • Well when I was a kid my Mum rented a holiday cottage which didn't have any running water - so 'bathtime' was a dip inth eUIrish Sea, come what may..... brrr.... as a liitle kid with little fat cover....

  • OMG you are some kind of superwoman to go in an unheated outdoor pool! Running must be a doddle after that, respect! Well done and good luck! Not sure if it might be of help but after I got a hip twinge once or twice I sent away for a foam roller to try and ease it (since realised I get it if I run downhill on rough ground so avoid that now if I can!).

  • Thanks for the superwoman comment :-) - but it's just a thing I've done for many years ... as it happens my OH has just had a foam roller for a knee injury and as it's sitting there - I'm off to try it. Thanks for the tip off! Keep up the good work!

  • My goal, like yours, is to be fit,fab and 50. Only 7 months to lose 4 stone but I'm hoping this 9 week plan will get me off to a good start - exercise wise. I only have to think about my eating then! But I know once I've got Wk1 runs out of the way i'll be more motivated. Looking forward to all your comments is also going to keep me motivated, so keep 'em coming. And good luck, keep it up!

  • I've shed 4 stone in about 10 months. I started with no exercise but healthy eating and weightwatchers online. I do wish I'd found this C25K sooner! All I'd say is don't worry about how fast you go and don't try to go too fast. My fitness has really improved, I'm just about to start week 9, loving it, and I found week 1 and 2 really tough... it's as much a mental challenge as a physical one. keep posting because this community is really supportive. All the best - you CAN do this!

  • I've just started this week and done R1, was suposed to do 2nd tonight but left school (work) with a migraine, so I'll try it at 6.30 tomorrow morning if ok. I really need to do this (have to lose 4 stone). I do need a kick up the backside at the moment but if I keep reading comments then it will make it easier for me. Thanks

  • <Kick, Kick> but you can't run with a migraine - so good luck for when you feel better.

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