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Christmas Eve and I've only gone and graduated!

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It's been a long 9 weeks with Laura, but looking over the last few months I can't believe how far I've come. I think I've I got about 4.3km covered today during my run so now my next goal is to cover 5k in 30 minutes!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all enjoy your turkey :)! Xx

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Nevertoolate profile image

Just saw your news - brilliant! Congratulations and have a very well deserved Merry Christmas! I bet you're so happy... go get that badge!

Well done lazy, i am jealous. Have an Xmas drink, you deserve it! Ed x

oona profile image

Well done, Lazymoo! Congratulations! Make sure you apply for your shiny green badge! :)

greenlegs profile image

Happy Christmas not-so-lazy!

Deryn61 profile image

Woo hoo! Well done on your wonderful achievement :-)

DeliaItaly profile image

What a great Christmas present -- you really need to change that name of yours now!

Merry Chrismas!

vixiej profile image

well done, lazy_no_more_moo! You can kick back and celebrate big time now :-D have a fab xmas!

Treborstone profile image

Well done. It feels great doesn't it!

rolphie2 profile image

Woo hoo what a fantastic achievement, well done to you, enjoy your Christmas xx

Beads profile image

Woohooo! What a great Christmas pressie to yourself!

Anniemurph profile image

Fantastic achievement - well done! Gonna change your name now? :)

kazzers profile image

Conratulations Lazy-moo , I managed to cover the same distance as you too:-) I think that would be a good next goal for me 5k in 30 mins . Merry Christmas x

gdeann profile image

Such an awesome achievement and a great Christmas present! CONGRATULATIONS! :-) Gayle

Lazy_moo profile image

Thank you all so much! Back to the gym tomorrow to burn off the ridiculous amount of food I have consumed over the last 2 days!! Aiming to lose another 20lbs and might start the speed podcast tomorrow :).

Keep running x

smhall profile image

Congratulations, Moo!!! Now that is how you celebrate graduating!!!

Next stop, 5K in 30 minutes...that is a great goal and well within your reach!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Congratulations again!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)


YAY Well done!!! excellent Chrissy gift to yourself :)

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