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Thanks Seb!

I turned 39 on Friday and one of my presents was Seb Coe's new autobiography. Now I can't say I share all of his political views but he was one of my idols as a kid, watching him and Steve Ovett break record after record, week in week out.

Having failed miserably on the treadmill when I wasn't quite over the flu, this was the perfect present and the perfect kick up the arse needed to get me back out there. So i went back to the trusty W5R3 and despite not running for a month, I made it through the 20 minutes without a problem.

I feel so much better for it and can't wait to try 30 minutes on Xmas morning - the perfect start to my festive day :) Happy Xmas running everyone!

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Happy Birthday young un! :-P

What you got planned for next year, nice 10k trail race to celebrate? :-P


Thanks and NO! :P But I need to sign up to something soon as that will spur me on even further.


Happy birthday Fraz and I'm glad Seb has helped you get your running mojo back! I'm hoping for jessica Ennis' autobiography for xmas as it was her Olympic triumph that inspired me to start c25k and am now a runner! I will be with you xmas day morning too! Have a good one! Sue


Thanks Sue and hope you get your wish. Have a good Xmas :)


Happy Birthday Fraz! So glad you back out running again. Enjoy your Christmas run! :)


Thanks Rollertoaster and I'm glad too. Thought that was it and I'd never make it out there again! Have a happy Xmas :)


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