What a beautiful day! We're not scared! (of 5k)

Can't go over it, can't go under it... We'll have to go through it. (Going on a Bear Hunt for those unfamiliar with small children's books.)

Well I went through it - very naughtily kept running for 54 minutes (hrrmm, only a teeny bit more than 30?) - and at 48 min 30 seconds I had run 5k! So now I really do feel that I've graduated. I know it's all about running for 30 minutes etc etc, but... Well, I know quite a few others will understand the magnetism of that 5k distance.

I really didn't go out intending to do it. There was a teeny whisper at the back of my head, that it would be a pity not to give it a go on such a lovely day, but I so much didn't intend to that I hadn't checked my route. Hence running a total of 5.6k (3.5 miles :O ): once I'd decided that stopping at my house (just over 30 minutes) would be such a pity, I realised I couldn't quite remember where the 5k mark was, and I really didn't want to scrape in just under it, so deliberately did some extra.

I actually enjoyed most of it, too. It was a glorious day for a run - I kept getting dazzled by the sun reflecting off puddles!

Three hulking teenage boys, who I thought were going to jeer, actually stepped into the road to let me trot past , possibly because they thought I was a crazy woman, as I'd just shouted to my (invisible to them) husband, as I went past our garden, 'I'm still going!'

Just checked my age-grading here: runningforfitness.org/calc/...

and it has crept up from 32.9% in week 1 (where I walked most of the 5k) to 35.9% - so still pretty low, but definite progress. (It's the percentage of the world record for your age/gender, so can be used as a fairer comparison with others of different ages - or yourself at different ages.)

Oh, and one other thing - I had tingling fingers at one point, about half way round, which was a bit off-putting, but I came to the conclusion that it was probably because the seams round the arm-holes of my t-shirt were a bit too tight! - when I pulled my shoulders back a bit more it was ok again. I'll wear a looser top next time.

Now I've done it once, I think I'll go back to shorter runs for a bit. Maybe. Funny thing is, when I started out today, I was thinking along the lines of how I don't like running for longer than 20 minutes, maybe I'll just do more walking... :D


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24 Replies

  • Well done, you're looking good! Let's hear it for the plodders,well not so ploddy now.....

  • Fantastic greeny! I just think that if you're feeling good and know you can continue, then as long as you don't overdo it, do it! It gives you so much confidence to know you've done it - it's within your ability!

    And when it's unexpected, it's even better! :-)

  • Go greenlegs ... no stopping you now :)

    Congratulations on the 5k

  • Brilliant - well done on achieving the 5k, as Dottie says, now you know you CAN do it.

    I think today's weather is a reward for all of us that have put in the hard work through dark mornings, wind, rain and snow :0)

  • Yes, I think you're right. We made the weather get better by keeping running through all that yukkiness!

    Maybe it's part of our graduation party! :)

  • Way to go Greenlegs! Have been inspired by your blogs and send sunny, heart felt congratulations upon your 'graduation'. When/how do you get your badge? Do you rely upon dear Laura having sent out miniature spies to watch and monitor your progress? Keep on running ... I can see how this is addictive, and I'm still a weebly, wrinkly novice at the moment ;) X

  • You send a message to the admin person (see Messages tab at the top) and then you wait... :D Quite like the idea of miniature spies in the hedges! Do you think they check whether your head is bobbing up and down too much? Keep it up, weebly, wrinkly novice! :D - weebly, wrinkly graduate!

  • Running for 30 mins - tick

    Running for 5k - tick

    Feeling really chuffed - tick

    Feeling like a runner - priceless!!

    Great achievement Greenlegs and so soon after graduation; brilliant! :) Sue

  • Oh, yes, lots of ticks! Thank you! And another one:

    Wearing running tights in public place - tick !!!

  • Congrats, greenlegs! You've had a brilliant run and you must be feeling very chuffed, deservedly so! Looking forward to seeing your shiny green badge! :)

  • Ha! Having worked in pre-school education for many years, in a past career, I immediately 'got' your title and starting chanting - in a sing-song voice-"We're not scared!".

    Congratulations on running for 5km and more! It sounds like you had a great run and enjoyed it and that's what's important.

  • I love a bear hunt! We had a theatre trip earlier this year to see a production of it - it was brilliant, kept to the story-line completely, but filled out with songs and physical tomfoolery to an hour-long performance. Including spraying every member of the audience with water-pistols, which the children loved!

  • That's brilliant! I know what you mean - running for 30 minutes is great, but it's the 5k that is the magical marker :D May there be many more of them!

  • Swishy swashy swishy swashy! I'm going to be "bear hunting" all day now! Lol! Well done and keep it up xxx and isn't a change in the weather such a motivator ( however I'm sitting in my kit typing this instead of getting my wobbly bottom out of the door!)

  • Get that wobbly bottom out there! He he! Just don't get stuck in any mud. :)

    I do have a slight hip ache this morning - serves me right for being so naughty. It's the first time I've ached the next day, I think. Anyway, it's not that much, and I'll be able to run again tomorrow, hopefully - but I think maybe not 5k!

  • Just spotted this, well done Greeners, I bet you're absolutely delighted to hit the magic mark, although I'm as impressed that you ran for so long.

    Oh and a 'bear hunt' means something completely different to Celtic supporters....

  • Love the "invisible husband" bit...lol. Well done for doing so much, it must be an unbelievable feeling, are you planning to try for 10k?

  • Not for a good while yet! I'm building stamina and pace first, but I'm in no rush. I'm booked in to do a 5k in June, which I now know I'll be able to run, so I'm going to work on running it comfortably, and a bit faster. But no particular target at the moment - other than being able to run faster than I can walk!

  • Well done, Greenlegs! Great achievement. It's weird, I can remember thinking 'You can't go over it, you can't go under it...We'll have to go through it' myself when I have been tired or doubting myself during runs. I love that book! I am chuckling at the thought of the three teenaged boys making way for you - just shows how impressed they were by you hurtling down the road!

    Have you done any of the C25k+ podcasts yet? I love them, especially Speed, which is a real pick-me-up if you haven't got a lot of time but still want a run / workout. (I might add I am a really slow runner). Good luck!

  • Thanks, Soozz. I haven't tried the c25k+ podcasts yet - I've downloaded them, but was then put off by comments about the "1, 2, 3, 4" sticking in people's heads! I'll save them up until I get bored - for now, I'm just enjoying doing whatever occurs to me on the spur of the moment!

  • Sounds good! I do the same, sometimes I change my mind mid-run!

  • Well done Greenlegs and congratulations on your Graduate status, I am a little behind now having lost a week to cold but am looking forward to proudly showing my status it's a great incentive.

    Strange I don't remember the book but we used to sing the Bear Hunt round the campfire in Scouts, brings back very good memories ;)

    Keep up the good work

  • Oooh - yes! I remember campfire Hunts - we had an ancient guide leader who did it as a Lion Hunt, and she was seriously scary with it! (She was a fierce old battle-axe!)

  • lol!!!! My best friend was Akela at the time and she always made it fun and scary at the same time, all I remember is my legs being rather sore from all the thigh clapping, especially when the bear is on his return, unless of course she just made that bit up to get us all slapping harder on our thighs, interesting thought....................

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