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It's raining and dark but I don't care


Well I am sitting here , outside its dark and raining in Manchester and it's only 3:30 ,

But I don't care cos this morning I was out in sale water park on my 4 mile run , the sky was blue, the sun shining , it was lovely . I saw a kingfisher , how amazing , I've never seen one in Manchester before , such a lovely blue , then a heron .I defiantly felt at one with the world, defiantly happy . it made me think --- I couldn't run before March, it's something I would never have even dreamt off. I'd have missed such a lovely morning .How lucky am I to have found this site and community .Running is fab

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Sounds idyllic ☺ love seeing birds like that 🐦 my son goes to uni in Manchester but I'm not aware he's seen those birds!

My daughter's at Manchester Uni too. When I went to visit her a couple of weekends ago, she was really surprised when I described Chorlton Water Park that I had run round. She didn't know it existed, and not that far from Fallowfield where she is currently living.

I will have to earmark Sale Water Park for my next visit to Manchester, although this won't be until the spring term . It sounds lovely, a kingfisher and heron. What a treat. :-)


Sounds beautiful! The mornings when they are clear and dry, at this time of the year superb!

Well done you :)

Well done Molly. 😊That satisfied 'I've done my run' feeling is priceless isn't it.

Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. 😀😀


Lovely! good for you! Keep on running and having fun ☺

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