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Guys - Im down but not out!

first off, thank you to all of you out here on this here lovely community for replying to my last post and giving me support and a kick up the bum.

I know this running malarkly isnt meant to be easy but when you cant see the wood through the trees, its hard.

after a lovely weekend with the girlfriends (much sparkly and cakey goodness consumed....), i went back out last night.

my plan was, after much research both on line and through other postings, to do two 6 min runs. That is, i know I can just about do 5 mins, so up that about 10% (recommended increase) to 6 mins. I think smaller increases may help for a bit?

anyway, out I went in the light (first time) and I set my mobile phone timer to six minutes. Off I went.

i kept it going until I almost died at which time I thought bloody hell its a long six minutes. I looked at my mobile and it said 7 mins 58 secs!!! what?? Id only gone and set the stopwatch rather than the timer!!

well, with a smile on my face and a few tears, I went in to my walking section.

when it came to the next run, I just about did the 6 minutes I said I'd do. Wind in my face again making my eyes water.

so, what Im thinking, despite the program as dictated by Laura working for some people, its not working exactly for me at this stage. Perhaps a few more runs adding on a minute here on the run and a minute less on the walking then see how it goes.

i really want to be able to run, without thinking, and enjoy it :-)

will keep you posted.

thanks again everyone for being out there

ali x

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Big hugs Auntie! You do whatever works for you - you're out and running (early 8 minutes!) and that's what really matters. :)


thanks m'dear, hugs gratefully received!

i should stop putting so much pressure on myself ......



*nearly (not early!)


Great idea, Ali, to try something a bit different and make it work for you - well done. I had to smile about setting your stopwatch instead of your timer, though :)

You may have read this from me before (sorry!) but it took me 50 runs not 27 to graduate, and it was bloody hard work all the way. I still wouldn't say that I enjoy the running itself, but I can see massive health benefits and I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of knowing that I run.

So as long as you are out there running, it's all good. Doing it your way for a while may give you the confidence you need. The only other thing I'd say is (it's boring!) make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten sensibly the night before your runs. It was only after I graduated that I really made the connection between my rubbish runs and what I'd been up to the day before. Now I am much kinder on myself, and consequently my runs go better. Yeah, sure, some of them are still rubbish, but that seems to happen to most people. You can do this, and we're all cheering you on!

Hugs, Annie x


cheers Annie, thats made me feel tons better.

im still working on the hydration bit. I tend to fill up with water the afternoon of the run but I dont seem to do it the day before the run. Methinks I should just keep well hydrated all the time!! trouble is, im already up three times in the night for a wee! This rate, Im going to need one of those little ceramic potties for under the bed (i wonder if Amazon do them to match my bedroom decor....... ;-)

thanks Annie x


Annie is spot on! :-) You should be very proud of yourself and your achievement! Do this for you and do it at your own pace. I just finished a 10K program but am not near a 10K distance in time. Probably never will be, but I'm out there running. Do whatever you need to do so you won't get frustrated, overwhelmed and quit. Take each run as an individual run and just go for it! I also agree food and drink is very important. When I eat and make healthy choices, it reflects in my running. Gayle


Hey Ali, you are still out there running and that is a big thing; you havent given up so be proud of that! :)

I think your plan is very good and because we are all different we shouldnt feel pressurised by what others are achieving. It is easy to get caught up in the euphoria of others achievements and then beat ourselves up because we dont seem to be able to mirror that :( Just go with what is best for you and at your own speed and you will get there, promise.

You know we are all here to support you along the way; now no more tears! ;)

Sue x


thanks Sue, appreciate your little words of wisdom and you're right - the pressure is there and boy do we beat ourselves up!

Im glad my plan doesnt seem like a failure, I shall let you know how I get on each time.

onwards and upwards and I'll try to limit my tears to tears of success, promise.

ali x


Hey AuntieAli you are doing great, life would be pretty dull if we were all the same! :)

If what you are doing is working for you then definitely stick with it, Laura has given us the basis of a plan, but if a few tweaks are needed to make it work for you then so be it. There is no hard and fast rule to this, you are still up and at 'em!

And no more putting pressure on yourself, just get out there and enjoy your secret sweetie!



oh! my! god!! luv- ive just remembered I didnt even have my secret sweetie last night!!

feel wierd now I know!!

i'll have it tonight when i get in :-)

no more pressure, i will just get out there.....

thanks m'dear

ali x


AuntieAli, it's wonderful to hear that you're not 'out' - I don't even think that you're 'down' because you are planning what you need to do to make it work for you.

Let's face it, the programme is designed to get people off the couch and exercising and that's exactly what you are doing. The fact that you might not be following the podcast is neither here nor there as far as I'm concerned.

What you're doing is fantastic - many would have thrown in the running shoes and gone back to the couch - so keep on keeping on, a minute at a time and enjoy each one! :-)


thank you!! i thought that i was being defeatist in not following the programe to a "t" but like you say - one minute at a time for me.

ali x


Hi Auntie, well done for finding a way for you to keep running. It' s much better to go 'off piste' than give in - and you've given far too much to give in. Besides we look forward to your blogs.

On the hydration note - you may find that if you hydrate throughout the day, yet another good habit to try and get into, your body adjusts and your nocturnal trips to the bathroom may actually get less - worked for me anyway. Failing that another shopping trip, for a chamber pot on the cards (Amazon only had enamel ones as far as I could see - perhaps a bit noisy in the night!).

Glad you are keeping running - I should think that secret sweetie tastes better after a run


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