Yay me!

I did it!

Today I completed W9R3. This week has been hard but I've been determined to finish and finish I have.

I have overcome injury, blisters and the thought that I couldn't run. But I can and I have and I'm really proud of myself. (I've also proved my doubting Thomas of a boyfriend wrong which is nearly as satisfying!)

I haven't quite managed to complete 5k yet (unless you include my 5 minute warm up and cool down walks in the distance). So that is my next target - 5k in 30 mins. Also I have signed up for my local parkrun so that too is on the agenda for next year.

Thank you all for the support you've given me on here. It has made the hard times easier and made me smile along the way! :-)

Now you'll have to excuse me I'm off to see if I can have a shiny green badge!!

Viki xx


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18 Replies

  • Oh well done! What a fabulous early Xmas present to yourself :)

  • Fantastic vikicats! Congratulations from one new graduate to another!

  • Congratulations and well done. A brilliant Christmas present to yourself!

  • Well done and happy running!

    I haven't hit 5k yet either, but I'm working my way towards it.

  • YAY!!! Well Done! All that hard work paid off :)

  • Very well done viki and big congratulations to you! It is a proud moment indeed so enjoy it an go celebrate! What a lovely start to the new year for you! Sue x

  • Welcome to the world of green shiny badges! Well done Viki! Delia x

  • Congratulations vikicats from a fellow new graduate, this looks like a good week for people graduating must be that Christmas target of getting a shiny green badge. Good idea to have a new target so I am sure that 5K in 30 minutes will come soon.

  • Brilliant, vikicats! It's so exciting waiting for the green badge fairy to deliver! I kept checking every 5 mins or so to see if it was there yet! :) That sounds a bit sad, I know, but it what it represents, isn't it? Have you made any plans for your next run? I would recommend the stepping stones, speed and stamina runs of 5k+ to help get your time down. Best wishes. :)

  • Thanks, I'll take a look at those. V x

  • Congratulations! A lovely shiny green badge for Christmas - fantastic :)

  • Well done :)!!! You've done it! And to think you never thought you could! It shows that if you want something enough you can have it :).

    ... And that feeling of proving someone wrong is the icing on top of the graduation cake!

    LazyMoo x

  • WTG!!

  • Well done!!!!!!!!!

  • congrats!

  • well done, that shiny new badge looks great! Good luck with the new goals, maybe you should take doubting thomas on one of your park runs next spring ;-)

  • Congratulations, Viki!! I apologize for being so very tardy with my congratulations. I have to say though, that "Graduate" badge looks incredible on you!! :-)

    You have every reason to be proud of yourself!! YOU DID IT!! I think that rubbing it in with that boyfriend has certainly been earned. I would see to it that he is reminded quite often that he was mistaken and that YOU DID IT!! :-)

    Congratulations again and Merry Christmas!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Thanks everyone. To be fair to my doubting Thomas of a boyfriend he did have a graduate top ready for me after my final run.

    Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas. V x

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