Couch to 5K

3km - yay for me! ;-)

I am half way through week 8 and like most of you on this site I can't believe I'm actually running! Today I managed 3.2km in 28 mins; a very slow pace but pretty amazing for a girl who couldn't even manage 400m at school. So happy. :-) Laura really does make jogging easy.

This is the third time I've started the C25K but this time I was determined to finish because otherwise it would be another 6 months of my life gone, feeling tired and overweight, before I did anything about it. I had chronic fatigue syndrome about 13 years ago about for around 3 years and while I have been generally well for the last decade I haven't had much energy left over after a full week at work for socialising etc so I was determined to do something about. I have been trying to exercise for a while but every time I start a "regime" after a few weeks, for no obvious reason, I have a bit of a relapse and am too exhausted to manage anything more than a work / sleep outline for a few weeks. This is the main reason I have been nervous about posting - didn't want to jinx this attempt. But having reached week 8 I am confident that I can do this, and more importantly that I can keep doing this! My jog is not much faster than my fast walk but I feel so much better for it; I haven't had a tired spell, I've lost a little bit of weight but the biggest difference is that I feel stronger, more toned and more confident. It's wonderful

Reading the posts on this forum has helped me drag my resisting body out into the cold on a number of mornings. It's a great community :-)

So that's my little story. Thanks C25K, Laura and all the posters. Roll on graduation next week! ;-)


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Well done! I'm continually enthused by postings like that and it gives me great hope that I'll be able to achieve the same (I've only done W1R2 so far).

You quite rightly sound thrilled!

I have mild CFS also (according to GP, specialist, and a load of blood tests to exclude other things - so I'll have to take their word for that), most physical symptoms are restricted to gnawing pain in my left thigh though. I'm really hoping it suddenly doesn't flare up worse with the newly found 'thumping down the pavement'. I've been OK with slowly increased exercise over the last 3 months including decent 45-60 min brisk-ish walking so I hope I can carry on with C25K ok...

Keep up the great work and I'd love to hear more about how you've balanced your energy levels to be able to get this far.




Well done for starting! It's a great programme, just take it slowly, listen to your body and see how you go. As other people have said just getting out and having a go is a win. The first time I tried I couldn't manage all the runs in week 1 and I was exhausted by the time I finished the repetitions but then some time later I discovered just how S L O W I could run and that made all the difference. Seriously I was barely trotting, but I was still jogging. Slow is good. Slow makes everything possible! ;-)

Re: energy levels I found that yoga was great - it helped build a little mind/body connection where previously there had been none! There is a book by Fiona Agombar called Beat Fatigue with Yoga which is aimed at CFS people and that's what started me off. It's amazing the effect that 10 mins of gentle stretching each day can have. There was a lot more to it as well, learning when and how to say "no" was a great start! That and being gentle with myself. The C25K runs shouldn't hurt, being a bit out of breath and snapping back at the internal demons is fine, if you're experiencing much more than that then maybe give yourself a couple of weeks at that level until you feel comfortable moving on. It's amazing how the process works, listen to Laura, but listen to your body too. And use the forum - there are so many lovely people on here, all in the same boat (some with go faster stripes, some built more for comfort) but we can all get there.


Thanks for taking the time to reply - I'll take a look at that book. I'm also considering plugging the Wii back in and getting Wii Fit and the balance board out, just for the yoga and balance things on there. It'll be something different to do when I'm on rest days etc.

I just finished Wk1 about 1.5 hours ago after a very early morning run. The aches lessened from run 1 to run 2 so I'm hoping I get less again today and tomorrow. Then lets see if I can face Wk2!


Wow, what a fantastic positive post - you're nearly there, well done!


Thank you. Can you tell I was suffering from runners high? ;-) Which week are you on?


I am the same as you...3rd time lucky! But this time I'm determined to finish! You certainly will, I'm sure! Good luck with the rest of the runs and onwards!


Thank you. Yes, third time's the winner! I knew I just *had* to do it this time. Now I am planning how to keep momentum afterwards but looks like there are other podcasts we can use. Good luck with your runs too :-)


Hi hev4

well done. Its great when you see the benefits of your own hard work and feel good about yourself. I was the same last year when I started running having giving up smoking after 20 years. For some tips to run further and faster I found the following helped me get down to a 5km/30mis

1 build leg strength by doing some power exercises ie weights, bunny jumps, burpies, bench jumps

2 improve core strength as this is the pivot for all movement

3 do plenty of sports stretches to loosen the hips up ( I got some from a sports physio). you will find the it really helps for a smooth running style

if you want some good exercise routines check out you can download them free or pay around 6 pound and get personalised programs for a year

keep on striving


Ah, thanks, paulg01. Those sound like really good advice. Great to hear from someone who has been there :-) Will give them a go. Cheers H


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