Couch to 5K


Very proud of myself today, as completed the third run of week 9. I'm pleased for so many reasons.

This time I've managed to complete each of the three runs in a week, and in the weeks where I couldn't go first thing in the morning I've learnt from the lessons of last year, and not eaten before running in the evening.

I've used the same route all the time, because the scenery of my route changes on a daily basis as we move from winter into spring and now summer. This has allowed me to measure my own growing confidence and ability, as I can see how much further I run. Today I made the farm that only four weeks ago was more than the journey I had already made in 15 minutes. The returning on the same route as also meant that I always have the confidence of knowing that I will make it home.

I'm running faster and further. I'm nowhere near 5K yet, and it's more like minutes per kilometer. Today with the 5 minute walk either side I still only covered 4K.

I can sing and run, after the first 5 minutes where I always seem to panic that I can't get my breathing and the pace to match. The fact I can sing probably suggests I could go a little faster, and it does amuse me that the kilometer I do that includes some walking often seems to be my fastest kilometer.

My bottom and legs are looking good, the stomach this week began to look a little less. However I've accepted that if I want to resolve the weight then I need to tackle that positively as well.

I'm also pleased now to say to people I run - for a while I didn't tell anyone and was hoping no-one would see me.

I think I'll stick with Laura for at least next week, but I plan to keep heading towards that 5K.

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Well done. Fab


Congratulations. A great achievement!


I can just imagine you running through the country lanes singing as you go, just like your name :) Congratulations don't forget to send a message to Admin for your Graduate badge.


Well done, nice to hear your enjoying your running and singing away to yourself. good luck with all your runs in the future and getting to your goal of 5k :-)


Congratulations. Finishing the course has to be the 1st goal, 5K is the second!


Well done!! As long as you are enjoying it what does it matter about WHAT you do. It will be nice you see your progress though.


Brilliant, well done for graduating .... And I'm certain you won't have taken the longest time to get here (noted you started last year - but, hey, life sometimes gets in the way! ) :D ;)

So great that you returned and are now singing as you go - what a lovely picture :) Lots of luck with your post grad challenges, i'm another one concentrating on weight loss too now ... keep running, eh? Go us! ;) and let's keep having fun.


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