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Taraaa wk 7.....omg wk8!

I still find it somewhat surreal that these week numbers apply to me. I think I blocked out the progression element early on and just go from run to run but my goodness......who knew! This is something I have wanted to do for so long and I'm doing it :). Of course it's not easy and each of us has their cross (or in some cases several) to bear, but come what may we keep turning up, giving our best and the progression fairy sees to the rest. I feel so blessed for finally taking an opportunity that was always available to me but I thought I could not achieve.

Sometimes I get very tired as I work out 6 days a week and occasionally have to run 2 days in a row but I'm careful and listen to my body.....well a bit ;). My other half started the program after me and has just completed wk 5, I am one proud lady and boy is he fast!

When I started this I just wanted to give myself an option when I can't get to gym classes during the school holidays but it has turned into so much more. I am aiming for the St. David's day 10k in March and the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. I know that I can do it, all I need to do is turn up to training and look after my health. Then with a little luck I will remain injury free or at least enough to compete and raise some more money for charity. Each time I mention it someone else says I'll do it with you so we are growing all the time.

I have also formed the beginnings of a new business and am stretching my brain for the first time in ages, designing and coding my website. The old, pre-motherhood me is still in here and is ready to kick some ass.

I have lost 10lbs in the last month which is fab, I think my knees and hips (which are a bit creaky) are especially grateful ;)

Running has deeply changed my perception of myself and my opportunities. I now realise that I am capable of so much more and have many more avenues open to me should I wish to take them. I have always had a sense of my blessings, especially being in good health, through witnessing the suffering of others, as so many of us have, but running has deepened this too. So many I know would love to experience the wind in their hair, the sense of freedom.......the cold and rain not so much lol but I think of them often. Those who would give so much to have my aches and pains, my moans and groans and my opportunities for change.

I check in with this community most days and it never fails to make me smile so thank you all for your honesty and openness. Keep running.....Jems x

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A lovely blog Jems! It is amazing how embarking on this programme opens up so many opportunities in different aspects of our lives just because of how it makes us feel about ourselves and what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. Like starting a new business - well done on that!

Yes this community can really help us to keep going and lift our spirts when feeling a bit down. I check in every day too and love the encouragement it gives. Good luck on week 8! Sue x


Thanks Sue! x


Love this post, Jeddah! So positive and life-affirming! I'm struggling a bit with my running so I come on here everyday for inspiration and encouragement. It never fails to pick me up and get me out there again. Thank you for reminding me why we're all doing this! :)


Ah that's really lovely Oona thank you. :)


Beautifully said, Jems!! So many of the benefits of this program have much less to do with physical ability and much more to do with attitude!! Your blog is a wonderful reminder of this for all of us!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve, it really is amazing! :)


I've just read back through your earlier blogs - really inspiring for someone like me who is just starting. I am so impressed! Take care, you are a star!


Ah thanks so much, we all are but it just takes us a while to realise ;) wishing you huge success with the program and will keep an eye out for your blogs!


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