5K or 30 minutes ??

I know it's late to ask being on W9R2 but is the aim of this programm to run 5K or to run for 30 minutes or the gold standard to run 5k in 30 minutes?? what's more important ??? at the moment i'm doing only 4.36 K in 30 minutes I aim to run at between 8.5 to 9kph but i know i'll have to hit 10kph hour to hit 5k in 30 minutes and at present that might well prove a bit much ....do you lovely bloggers have any thoughts as i go into my second to last run tomorrow???


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  • I have just returned from w8r1 and in 28 mins of running did 3k. My speed according to runkeeper is similar to yours but it is imroving all the time. I think the aim of the programme is to make us confident to run for 30 mins non- stop and by doing that regularly you will get fitter and faster and achieve a 5k distance in that time but I am not expecting to achieve that distance at the end of w9. There are some bloggers on here who have achieved that but we are all at different levels of age, health and fitness. Think you deserve a big pat on the back for getting this far and good luck with those last two runs!

  • I've just (came in 20 minutes ago) run 7.11k in 1.02.01. I know I'm slow, BUT I JUST RAN FOR AN HOUR!

  • Whoop. A fab achievement

  • Sorry, I'm a bit endorphiny. My aim is to run 10k, and then a half marathon next autumn. I know I will be slow, but it doesn't matter. I suppose C25k is a catchier title than C230mins.

  • And that's not to say that I wouldn't love to run 5k in 30', but it's never going to happen.

  • Thank you Delores ...thats my thinking too ...I just love the fact that im 50 and not an unfit blob! I smile every time i can run 30 minutes my aim is one day to do 5k in 30 mins you never know! i just wasn't sure i could graduate if i couldn't run 5k in 30 mins.Thanks for your very sensible answer x

  • Laura says the aim of the program is to get you 'to run 5k or 30 minutes' by the end of week 9. So the way I see it, you can run 5k or you can run for 30 minutes. It doesn't necessarily mean 5k in 30 minutes.

    Yes, I did 5k for my graduation run (and that all important 60m over the 5k mark as well) but that was in 36 minutes or so. And 5 or 6 weeks on I'm still not down to 30 minutes for 5k, but I am getting faster. Don't worry about speed or distance, you've got ages to work on that, get the time done, then you'll be able to increase it a bit each week and before you know it you'll be out running with Delores for an hour!

  • It's a pleasure Redface. I'm nearly 50, and every time I perceive that someone is judging me* I think hold on, I'm twice your age, there's no mortgage on my home, I've had children, and I'm very emotionally sorted.

    * very nasty piece of work of a sport therapist.

  • For me, it's 30 minutes (done), then 5k (done - 36 and a bit minutes) then 5k in 30 minutes (still working on that.., 32:50 is my best so far). I'm also working on running longer distances, but don't get the opportunity to do that much.

  • I am so far off the 5k - when I graduated I ran for 30 minutes which my friends and family will tell you is a minor miracle. So my post graduation goal is to improve my pace and work towards the magical 5k in 30 minutes - I'm currently running at 4 mph (which is 1mph more than when I graduated) and I need to get to just over 6mph so I think this goal is going to keep me out of mischief for a while :-)

  • I'm 51 and graduated in July. For my graduation run I did 4.36kms. Having never run before in my life I was thrilled to keep going for 30 minutes. Once you get to do 30 minutes and graduate then the fun starts! You can work on speeding up, going for longer, attempting hills, fartlekking, improving your stamina. You can set your own goals, which is great. I can now do 5k in 30 minutes but the initial aim was to become a runner - which we all are!

  • The great thing about being slow is 3 graduations! First 30 mins, then 5k and finally (someday!) 5k in 30 mins. Gives us things to aim for at least. I'm currently trying to pluck up the courage to do a Parkrun but they're pretty fast at my local one so I think I need to be confident that I can do 5k in 40 mins or less (and I'd still be last but at least they wouldn't have to send out search parties and sniffer dogs) . Good luck and as Nevertoolate says the fun really starts after graduation! ;-)

  • great postiive thoughts, 3 graduations :-) I did 4.8km in 30 mins once, almost by accident and had to hold onto a tree for 5 minutes at the end to stop me falling over, and I ached 'big time' for days afterwards and couldn't get a decent run in for over a week.

    For me its about enjoying the fact I can run for 30 minutes which is 29.5 minutes longer than I could run 3 months ago. It would be nice to get to the 5k in 30 minutes one day but its not something I am hung up about.

    Now I run on a 5k route using the stepping stone and it's improving my style - I follow the plan for 30 minutes, and then instead of walking at the end I keep running till I hit the 5k mark. I've only done it a few times but I am slowly getting faster. Most importantly I'm having fun (i think) and learning to run without getting an injury.

    10k one day........

  • Also remember that terrain makes a difference. I'm on target to graduate at 5K in 30 minutes, but I've been running on completely flat terrain. My nearest parkrun is hilly, so there's no way I'll achieve that in 30 minutes. I need to make the decision about what to do once I graduate - increase distance, or get some hills in. I'm thinking the bigger challenge will be to get running up those hills. And, as chusan51 says, fun is important too...

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