5K in 30 Minutes - personal goal achieved :)

Hi All

Well, I've done it, I've achieved my personal goal of running 5K in 30 minutes on my third post graduation run. Actually, I did it in 29min 57sec :) My graduation run was 5k in 34min 37sec so tonight's run also resulted in a PB ;)

If you have been following my previous posts you will know I have had various problems mapping a 5K route and made some bad dietary decisions, too ;) However, tonight, it all came together beautifully.

I had taken a two day rest before tonight's run, had a meal when I got in from work, let it settle for two hours before commencing my run, and didn't overdo the fluids. In my previous two runs I had also set off too fast so tonight I forced myself to reduce my early pace.

To be honest, tonight's run was the most comfortable of my post grad runs and I actually enjoyed it. Upon reaching the 4k mark I was still very comfortable, so much so that I thought I must be well outside my goal of finishing within 30 minutes. A quick check of my watch indicated that it wasn't as bad as I had first thought but it did show that in order to reach my goal, I would have to up the pace for the last km, which I did. That last km, or to be more precise, the last half km, was tough! I was desperate to hear that fifth beep which would indicate 5k :) Eventually it came, and a quick glance at my watch confirmed I'd done it, 5K in 29min 57sec :) I can't begin to explain how I felt on seeing that time. Clenched fists and a subdued cry of 'YES' followed and internally I felt amazing.

Back home, removing my shoes etc, I spotted the c25k wall chart that I had downloaded from the forum and subsequently fixed on to the conservatory wall (which is where my treadmill is situated). I looked at week 1 and had a little chuckle out loud when seeing what was required for those first runs; run for 60 seconds; walk for 90 seconds. That really hit home with me just how far I have come in just 12 weeks! It truly is amazing and what's even more amazing is that I'm not alone. There are many, many people who have done exactly the same and, I know, many, many more to come.


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65 Replies

  • Aw Paul , very well done, I can tell how much this means to you and Im so pleased that youve achieved it . Onwards and upwards Paul, whats your next goal ? :-) xxx

  • Thanks. I now want to do my first Park Run, hopefully next Saturday :)

  • Good stuff :-) xxx

  • Paul that is fantastic: well done! Sounds like you had a blast tonight. Sometimes it just all comes together, and it is amazing how far we've come.

    What next?

  • Thanks, MarkyMark :) I did, and you're right, sometimes it just all clicks ;) Park Run next but I also want to just run a few 5k's at a nice, gentle pace and just enjoy the run without any target time :)

  • Amazing, brilliant! That's great and fast progress. You are rightfully proud of yourself.

    So pleased for you :-)

  • Thank you :)

  • Congratulations that sounds great & strong finish to boot. I still haven't managed it.

  • Thank you. Didn't feel particularly strong running that last half km ;)

  • Hehe! strong ie you kept on pushing through :)

  • Lol. I was certainly determined after the previous frustrations ;),

  • Oh that is fantastic Paul! You must be so pleased with yourself! I can just see you punching the air! Yes! I love that feeling when everything just seems to fall into place! What is your next challenge? :-)

  • Thanks, panda. Not sure what neighbours must have thought ;) Park Run then just enjoy running a few 5k's. After that? Not too sure yet but I suppose the obvious is train for a 10k. We'll see.

  • :-) 10k is the direction I'm going in too! Enjoy xx

  • Who'd of thought we'd be saying to each other, 'enjoy your 10k' ;)

  • Lol I know! Bizarre isn't it! :-)

  • Well done! I've still not made 5km yet but getting there :) I do know what you mean about how far we have come, I too have kept one eye on the wall chart. I really am amazed how well this program works. It sounds like you are really enjoying the challenges :) I am so pleased you are achieving what you are setting yourself :)

  • Thanks, Net :) I'm sure you'll reach the 5k.

  • Whoop whoop! Fantastic Paul, well done. I know that means a lot to you, you should feel right chuffed with that. x :-D

  • Thank you. I do feel right chuffed ;)

  • Wow ! That's fantastic . Congratulations Paul really pleased for you

  • Thank you, Rockette ;)

  • Congratulations Paul - you did it :) so pleased that you reached your goal!!! I hope you are having a nice glass of wine to celebrate.

  • Thanks :) No wine I'm afraid. I had to make do with a cup of coffee ;)

  • Congratulations Paul, it truely is amazing how far we have all progressed. In a relatively short period of time we have all achieved such a huge goal, and to boot we are all so much healthier. People are always so quick to criticise the NHS, but this is really something that they have got so right.....big round of applause to them.

  • Here, here and thanks ;)

  • Here, here... this programme is amazing...

  • Congratulations Paul for reaching your goal! It's an awesome achievement :)

    Your post is an inspiration for all of us who have yet to complete c25k.

    Happy running!

  • Thank you, and I'm glad it may help inspire others ;)

  • Parkrun is fantastic, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Great camaraderie I like to run at a steady (easy) pace and chat a bit with other runners. . .

  • I'm looking forward to it and I'm already looking at other Park Runs nearby. I think I may become a Park Run tourist ;)

  • Top stuff mate - I knew you'd get there! Enjoy the rest of your weekend... that's a great time and on top of that it sounds like an amazing run! Well done... you've every right to be VERY pleased with yaself mate! No stopping you now! I did it once and I've been chasing it since! :)

  • Thanks, Aussie. I think because it felt fairly comfortable, apart from the last km ;), I was able to actually enjoy it. Hopefully that's because of my improving fitness levels and therefore will mean many more enjoyable runs ;)

  • Well done Paul. The first 5k in 30 minutes, or just under, is an amazing milestone. No wonder you enjoyed it. Take things easy now and do a few more steady 5 ks and then go from there

  • Thanks, miss w ;) Yep, that's my intention now, a few more steady 5k's just enjoying the run.

  • Congratulations, Paul, very well done! Best regards and very good luck with your new goals!

  • Thank you, Ana :)

  • Well done.

  • Thank you, fran :)

  • Well done you! You must feel very proud!

  • Thanks, I felt elated and relieved ;)

  • Oh my goodness Paul, that's great ! I'm so pleased you have managed to achieve your personal goal. The only problem with achieving a goal is that you have to set another one now ! Go for it....

  • Thank you :) haha, never thought about it like that ;)

  • Congratulations Paul - I'm so glad you reached your goal - it just shows what you can do with a little determination and perseverance! Here's to a long and happy running career for you!

  • Thank you. I think the c25k programme also helps give people that determination and perseverance.

  • The very spirit of Roger Bannister! Well done !!!!

  • Lol, thank you Rob (and thanks to your wesite ;) )

  • Fantastic Paul. You should be really proud of yourself. What's next then?

  • Thanks :) A few 5K consolidation runs (at an easy pace!) then a Park Run. After that, not too sure yet ;),

  • Well done, Paul! The afterglow from a PB is quite something, eh?

  • Thank you, Michael. It certainly is but is it something I'm going to get hooked on and want more ;)

  • So pleased you've managed to achieve your goal Paul. It's a great achievement in such a few short months. Very well done. Be proud!

  • Thank you, AM :) I am amazed at how far i have come in such a short period of time. Just proves the c25k does work ;)

  • Wow that's fantastic, congratulations, I am inspired!

  • Thanks and I'm glad my post can help inspire others. Good luck ;)

  • I love this post, well done Paul, very well done. It's post like these that keep me motivated

  • Thank you, grannyjudes ;) I'm so glad you can take some motivation from the post. Actually, it's members like you who motivate me so thank you ;)

  • Fantastic!!!!!! Well done. What an amazing achievement and I'm so glad you shared. I have still to get to that 5k in 30 but getting closer. The good thing about this forum is that everyone appreciates what a high, buzz or air punching moment you have just attained. I'm so chuffed for you. Upwards and onwards.

  • Thank you :) I'm sure you will get there. I agree, members of this forum can appreciate and empathise with each other during our highs, and sometimes, lows. Good luck with your own personal goal :)

  • Well done! If I am struggling I think back a few months and remind myself how far we've come. Your post is great motivation. I just need some help on the weight loss side now......

  • Thank you and you're right, we all need to stop and think just how far we've all come. As for weight loss, my BMI suggested I was about 10lbs above my ideal weight. So I set myself a goal of losing a stone and downloaded an app called 'MyFitnessPal' to monitor my daily calorie intake. I lost 1st 1lb over about 10 weeks. It really helped me so maybe worth having a look at if you haven't already. Good luck :)

  • Yes I've used mfp and lost 2 stone but have got stuck and a bit bored of dieting. I've got another stone to get into the healthy bmi.

  • Wow, that's two thirds of your target reached. That's brilliant.

  • Congratulations, well done you. How proud you must be. :-)

  • Thank you. I'm still 'buzzing' today :)

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