So cold my fillings hurt!!

Been out of it for around 5 weeks now with an impressive return of asthma which I haven't suffered from for about 25 years !!

Been enviously watching runners everywhere. There are definitely more out there. Back on steroid inhaler and things settling down so ventured out on a sub-zero night. Not the cleverest thing to do but was cautious.

With a big bear wooly hat and clutching my ventolin. It was so cold my fillings hurt but after the initially chilly walk warming up I got into my pace and sailed round my usual route. 30 min run, no stopping. Felt so good and nice and toasty warm. Not a hat person but will def stick with the bear. Breathing ok and back running. Hooray!

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  • Hooray!!!

  • Well done Jules, Ed

  • Well done, Jules! Glad you've had such a positive return! :)

  • Cheers guys x

  • Welcome back, Jules!! It sounds like quite a successful return if you ask me!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


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