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Chuffing cold or what????

Been a week since my last run due to work and family,,(well its that time of year) so I had some free time and went out tonight. Running tights, thirst and she'll jacket, oh and gloves but I forgot my beany hat. Did week6 run 2 again 2 lots of 10 mins, last one was hard especially being as attic in the cold air but I did it, took my time, deep breaths and kept on going.

I do love tho running but it is sooooooooo much nicer in the summer ha ha.

Anyway, we will keep going as much as we can

Take care


Ps sorry bit boring this blogg, no upto standard lol!!!!!

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Well done, the dark mornings/nights and cold are definitely making it tough! I havent done a mid week run other than the odd Monday club night for weeks now :-(

Got my choir Xmas concert Weds eve but no excuses after that - even it means going back to the boring dreadmill in the gym!:-(


Good luck with the concert, sounds lovely,

Get out there and give it a go, much less boring than the treadmill, just wrap up lol, oh and have your reflective clothing



I for one loveeeee these cold nights to go running in! I'll be chilly for the first 5 minutes (tends to be the warm up walk) but as soon as I start off on the run I forget about the cold very quickly. Maybe I'm alone on that but I'll take the winter over the summer anyday. It's a different story when it starts raining though...


The Arctic cold has even hit Italy and it is real brass monkey stuff. I run at 8 am and am freezing for the first 5 minutes (the walk) but then am OK once I get running -- beanie gets hot and am considering a buff, but am not going to give up after all this hard work. 3 x a week come rain or snow -- happy running, delia


Hi all,

I'm still managing 3x week around 8am. Today's session can only be called speed+skating - it rained a little yesterday evening and then froze hard so the paths were a little exciting! Fortunately I only had one near - dramatic experience - on the walk back home. The 16 minute speed podcast went OK. I'm still not sure that I actually enjoy running - but I'm making myself get out there each day as I feel that if I miss one run it'll be the slippery slope to giving up for me. Do others feel the same?

I'm really looking forward to the weather warming up enough that I can lose the outer layers and go back to a t-shirt.

Happy Tuesday!



I do feel the same -- the slippery slope is just around the corner!

I do enjoy running. I think that at one point something just clicks and you like it. But dodging the ice is great fun, no?

Happy Tuesday to you too, d.


Cold winter days Jimbo, its just the best time for running, No real sweating as such and it feels fantastic. Wonder what its going to be like when the snow is falling??


Hey, James! How are ya?

Great minds think alike, I've also gone back to W6R2 for my 3rd run after my more or less 7 weeks off running. I was unpleasantly shocked by how difficult it was even though I've worked really hard at keeping the cardio exercise up. Non-impact just ain't the same, it seems (I suppose that's hardly surprising really). Anyway I'm getting back to it although the icy pavements etc hereabouts are proving quite a disincentive. Cold is OK(ish) but I don't want to go flying and really hurt myself!

Good luck with the training. We have graduated from C25k so we know we can do it!


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