My First Outing of 2017

I thought I had better start where I left off in 2016 so up and get my kit on had left it on the radiator so it was warm and toasty donned new running jacket and gloves and out the door supposedly it was about 6 degrees but I am not so sure anyway started the 5 minute warm up and once that was over started to run and then it started to unravel within 2 minutes started to feel light headed so stopped tried to carry on but felt really woozy so decided to just walk for 40 minutes. Got back in and feel fine now it was probably to cold and trying to suck the air in gave my brain a bit of a shock so I need to get a hat and a head over before my next attempt and will probably go back to week 6 when I do


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9 Replies

  • Maybe there was some kryptonite nearby?😉 Happy New Year MoK. You take things easy and be careful. Might join you on some week 6 runs :) xx

  • Same to you the last time I felt like that was after I gave blood and got up to quickly so hopefully it was nothing but I was to cold

  • It was sheer heady joy, at getting out there again! :)

    It was really, really cold when I ran, yesterday morning. No frost or ice, but the air..gosh, it was really chilly! I was sucking the air down too!

    Hat, essential! Buff... essential.. ( ask Ullyrunner ) I forgot mine yesterday, and I really regretted it, sorry Ully!

    You were out there, you had a walk and there is another run waiting. Just get snugged up and then, you know the form... slow and steady x

    let us know how it goes, please? :)

  • I found a buff in Asda for £3.00 and a hat for the same price so that is my next port of call on Monday and then hopefully no problems as we used when doing guard duty a warm guard is a happy guard so using the same analogy it should work for running. Will keep you informed

  • Going to be just fine, young man...go for it :)

  • Had you eaten?

    Deffo cover your ears and /or head 🙂

  • Not since last night but had a glass o water before I went out so that could have been a root cause

  • Keep warm and toasty, you can always remove hats, buff and gloves if you get too warm, but you do want to begin nice and cosy. 😀

  • Not to worry, getting out there is better than not! Perhaps a longer warm up walk to acclimatise a bit and let your lungs get used to that cold air before the run? If you need to build up again, that's ok and it will probably happen more quickly than first time round. You're out there back at it again, that's the main thing! :)

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