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This is a big thanks to Gone2Seed

This is a big thanks to Gone2Seed

So by mid-morning, the last thing I fancied was going out in the heavy rain, until I read a Blog by Gone2Seed (Here I go again......)

I chuckled about what she was going to wear etc and I thought what the heck, let's get out there.

I don't have any proper clothing for walking/running, so I wore my cycling trousers and jacket but it has no hood, now I don't mind getting wet but I was worried about my headphones and they are not small either! ;)

With my iPhone safely put inside a sealed plastic container, I was ready but what about a hat? I figured there would be nobody about where I was going to go, so nothing else for it but my Deer Hat.

This was my W1 R2 and it went well, still got to be careful with my knee but it was OK, in fact I did enjoy it and have ditched the sandals for running in.....doh!

Funniest thing when I got back, the Nature Reserve Warden was parked outside my place and I did get an odd look wearing my Deer Hat!

So thanks again Gone2Seed.

PS The hat looks better on the bear :)

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Need a picture of you in the hat - just to compare with the bear !


Great hat!


Love the hat! ;)

And well done...


were you trying not to get noticed :)

hat great ! ~ inconspicuous not !


Love it! :)

Well done for getting out there!


Fab hat! A bit Jamiroquai ...


Great hat, but don't wear it in hunting season :)


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