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Parkrun - 21:30 - 2nd fastest time in slippery conditions

Hi all!

It was a nice crisp morning this week with the temperature at 0 degrees. I stopped to take a photo as I entered Barking Park and it looked lovely. It isn't clear from the photo but there was a little bit of ice on the path and that made it slippery at parts. It was therefore difficult to really push hard because whenever I ran a bit faster my foot slipped slightly before getting some grip.

I wasn't sure what kind of time I could go for because of the conditions. I ran my normal 1km warm up and ran it faster than normal just to try and warm up but I was slipping a bit.

I set off at a reasonable pace but was never comfortable enough to fully commit around corners and on slippery parts and this showed on my times because I was about 5 seconds slower than PB pace at the end of the first lap. I knew a PB wasn't possible so I set my mind on getting my 2nd fastest time. I was running along with someone and we pushed each other along, whenever I pushed a bit he kept up with me. At the 4km mark he pulled ahead of me slightly and I wasn't able to catch him but I kept him very close and with a strong finish I achieved a time of 21:30. Considering the conditions I am very happy with the time and feel that I can keep improving my times.

Happy running all and here is a link to my run:


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Well done Aftab. This frost really makes it slippy so you've done well to keep your footing let alone getting such a good time. Keep on running!


Well done!! What a fab time!!!

I was out Park running this morning too on the ICE!!!!!!!! It was hair-raisingly scary and people were slip sliding all over the place. You could feel yourself tensing up and taking quick, light tentative steps as you braced yourself for a fall. Perhaps that was just me! LOL


Well done on surviving the frost and ice.


Good time in really bad conditions. My local park run was called off as it was like a skating ring. If it had not been cancelled there wouldn't have been many PB's set. I'm sure you'll set another PB in better conditions.


Aftab, well done at least you were able to get out. high winds rain, thunder and ligtening as well as hailstones equals no rain for me.

Still recovering too from a viral illness so last run was 10 days ago. Need to get back out there, just not yet.

Glad to see your still keeping up with the running too.


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