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Me time

Training for the Eastbourne Half Marathon on March 3rd so a quick 10k along the front last night, stars everywhere.

Yeah its absolutely freezing out there, yeah I couldn't feel my fingers for the first half hour, but don't let this weather stop you! Because running can be the only time lots of us get to ourselves, and for me who has university essays up to my eye balls, I know that even when its freeing and I don't want to go, its the only feeling that makes me feel completely free from it all!

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Hi Harvey good luck for that. I am doing the Great Eastern Run next October for charity.

I agree running is my only time away from home. However i go Parkrunning as i like

to run with other slow runners. I must try and get out tonight and complete W3. Good

luck, Ed


Other slow runners??? You clearly haven't been to our parkrun - it's flipping speed central!


I do love the Parkruns but for me its the most painful run I do because i'm always trying to improve on my time! and my current pb is 24:41 so i'm a bit nervous about the next run! good luck to you to keep going!


Ah, that's why you call them slow runners - it's because you are actually pretty fast, that's where I'm going wrong - my 31-32 minutes will see me very close to the bottom at ours!


Hey Harvey - I've signed up for that too! I am currently laid up with an evil, chest infection! I don't DO ill. Sheesh, that's what getting fit does for you!

The run sounds lovely and you're right - running can be a great way to get away from it all. Good luck for March and for the training.


good luck Harvey. Ive got half marathon on 3rd march aswell. but mines in Bath.

dont you also get a sense of smugness running out in all weathers :) I find I still see a lot of dog walkers but hardly any joggers this time of year.

less than 12 weeks to go.....


There's still quite a few along the seafront here, but yeah definitely enjoy people watching the worse the weather the more fun it is!


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