Fast time (for me) but star comedy turn apparently

Monday: I set off bright and early (well, before 9am anyway) to run laps round my local park. 20 mins into my 5k (which was going surprisingly well) a group of thin, young and fit individuals enter the park from the local council offices across the road. They proceed to do team building exercises and such like. I ignore them and carry on running. My route, in case my gps once again fails me, is circular, following the marked outfield of the cricket pitch. 2 and a half laps is a KM. Half way through one lap I notice, through the sweat dripping in my eyes, they are laying out those disc things that footballers run round. Right across my route. I have 2 laps (possibly 2 and a half to go) for my 5k. They are still setting out whatever it is they are going to be playing so I run right through it. (Didn't get in anyone's way honest). By the time I have come round again, they are still not playing. Instead I notice they've stopped and are watching me. Then I realise they are laughing. Not with me. But at me. And pointing at me. I am humiliated. Completely. I have one more lap to do. My face was red anyway but I could really feel it burning. Somehow I carried on. Runkeeper told me I'd done my 5k and in my best time yet ( no walking either). When I should be overjoyed I found myself crying. They'd forgotten me by now and moved on to some other stupid team building exercise. I walked past them all and home. Two days later it's still bothering me.

I was due to run again this morning but put it off til it was very warm. Big mistake. Thought I'd only do a short one today anyway but....when I got there today there was an end of term fun day for the creche. Complete with bouncy castle and ponies. Great. More people to laugh at me. But no. No one paid a blind bit of attention to me. (Except a dog who while I was running ran up and dropped his ball in front of me for me to throw it!!!!) Just as well as I was trying the Speed podcast and ended up walking the 'slow' intervals. I guess I wasn't in the right frame of mind after Monday. Runkeeper lost its GPS again so no idea what I did either as forgot to count laps! But overall glad I got out there and did it again or I would have quit.

Turns out this group of encouraging council staff will be running children's activity groups over the summer. Heaven help the clumsy slow child that encounters them....(for I was once that child. No wonder I hated PE).

Sorry for the rambling post....!


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21 Replies

  • Thanks! Hard work going back out but glad to have got it over with.

  • Oh BethC what awful rude people! You did so well to continue and finish your run, well done to you! How do these people live with themselves? All I can say is that you are worth a hundred of those ignorant s@ds. Don't let them put you off your running or take away your enjoyment.

  • Thanks! Cheers, I'm not going to let them put me off, I've decided.

  • I'm sorry those idiots were laughing at you. I don't understand people like that. It's sad that they'll be running the children's group. Hopefully, they'll mature with time.

    Good for you finishing your run and getting out there again today. You' re the one doing something positive! I was once yelled at and I'm sure others on the forum have had similar experiences.Things like this shouldn't happen. Hang in there :)

  • Thanks! There do seem to be a lot of hecklers out there. I'd never dream of giving people abuse.

  • Oh I am so sorry , It makes me so cross. In my mind I would have marched across and said right guys can you all run 5km? I think not so..... I had a similar experience last week in the park, I had just done 5km and my calves were killing me, I usually wait until I get home before doing my stretches but I felt I needed to do them straight away. Looked around and nobody was about so i thought. I didn't notice a group of park workers were sat on benches on the road above the park, until I finished stretches and jogged on the spot. Turned around and saw this guy taking the p**s copying me. Really annoyed and as my spanish is not great thought best leave it, plus it's a struggle anyway with men here (a cultural difference I am coming to terms with) so I know how you feel. I didn't let it bother me as I am doing this for me and I feel great doing it so please don't let it put you off.

  • Thanks Vixchile. Main problem was I think they all could have run 5k. All young and althetic. Everything I'm not. :(

    Even the 'Facilitators' of their training were laughing!

    I know what you mean about South American men. We once hired a car in Chile which I... ahem....hit a bridge with in Torres del Paine. On returning it to the car hire firm at the end of the holiday the bloke said to my husband well you shouldn't have let the woman drive. My Spanish wasn't good enough to retort either!!!

  • Well don't worry about them and I am glad you got out again. Poor children!!!

    Haven't been down there yet, but it's all on our very long list of things to do, but it's nice to that someone understands. Chile has a very unique culture.

  • Well when you get there Torres del Paine is very beautiful.

  • Were the hecklers blokes? It does seem that men heckle lady runners. Hmmm you have to wonder about their lack of brain cells don't you. Hmmm and they could be educating children. Perhaps you should complain. You're a rate payer and you don't expect to get that sort of behaviour from council staff when they are at work.

  • Hi. Sadly my hecklers were a mix and the girls were a bit more vocal! My husband has complained on my behalf because all he got was a sobbing wife! Feel better now. More annoyed than anything!!!!!! Oh well. Onwards and upwards...Thanks.

  • They don't half know how to dent your confidence don't they. Well done on getting back out there, I've had to run past teenagers and they are not the most forgiving so I just look forwards and keep going. I had the piss taken out of me when I was on my first outing on my bike in years and going very slowly up a hill (I'm from Essex hills are a new thing to me) well more of an incline (but I'd just cycled 10 miles) and being large means I am obviously a target, it almost made me want to put my bike back in the shed and never get it out again.

    Just keep going and remember you are out there for you and doing something pretty darned amazing and if they can't see that and mock you they are not worthy of you.

    Can't believe they will be doing sporting activities with children let's hope they are professional and encouraging to the children that end up in their care.

    I am glad your husband complained.

    Send you a virtual hug.

    P.s battle dog and me are ready to sort em out just give us the nod ;)

  • Hi Spoonie. Thanks. Seems there are a lot of idiots out there! Great idea re battle dog. Maybe you can rent yourselves out as running avengers. Might be a sideline there!

  • Well done for continuing with your run. People like that are really not worth giving the time of day to. I know it's easier said than done but forget about them, continue enjoying your runs and don't give them another thought. Why should they take up space in your head? Move on and forget them ;)

  • Thanks Paul. You are quite right.

  • Grrrrr that is so horrible. AncientDad and I reckon you should complain to the council. The facilitator should not be in that job if they behave in such an appalling way. The trainees take their cue from the leader. There can never be an excuse for mocking someone like that, especially not during a council funded activity. Grrrrr.

    Well done Beth for sticking it out to the end of your run. Non illegitimus carborundum (don't let the b*stards grind you down!) :)

  • Hi. Thanks! All this support is brilliant. We have complained and will have to see what they say!

  • What sad pathetic creature they must be, and actually I bet they were quite envious, so their laughter was an attempt at making themselves feel better......but you rocked it and showed them how it was done....good on you. Don't let these narrow minded individuals get you down, think of how far you have come and how much better you feel for doing so. Hold your head up high, your a runner and we all applaud you.

    Happy running.

  • how terrible - perhaps you should name and shame the council here and we can collectively boo them. I'd hate to think my children would be attending anything those oafs would be running. They robbed you of your moment of joy but not of your achievement . well done for getting back out there that takes guts - not sure I could have done that.

    all power to you!


  • That's awful, Beth - well done for carrying on and I'm glad your husband complained. As a facilitator myself then I think it's even worse and they should all be severely reprimanded. Even if the oiks laughed the facilitators should have re-focused them on what they were supposed to be doing. You keep up the good work - you are miles better than them and you are achieving great things :)

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