The First Time

So, Day 1, Run 1.

So, I know you're dying to know.... Good news or bad news? Ok, so the bad news is I have looked like an overweight 80's throwback all day, yes, all day. I wore leggings with a check skirt over the top, a long vest with a t over the top, my hair in a top knot, fished out my ipod but had to charge it only then it became too busy and warm to be seen in public, couldn't sync my ipod with my mac (it kept thinking it was my ipad??) eventually fished out my old iphone 4 (broke my phone this week, it has stickers over the broken screen) and ran a bath. But you know what, I thought about all you guys and the encouragement and reaised if I put it off for another day I would be letting myself down so..... I did it in my flat. What??? Yes, that's correct. Luckily I live in a ground floor flat so ran and walked between my lounge and kitchen or on the spot. Yeah, that probably wasn't the right pace but you know what; I didn't stop. I will admit that at 15 minutes my brisk walk was becoming a stroll whilst waiting for 90 sec run again but although I can hear a slight wheeze in my chest, my chest isn't tight at all which surprises me. I do have to find a solution for 36F boobs though!! A sports bra does not hold these bad boys down. I tried my own bra on top but because sports bras flatten boobs (well mine anyway) my bra cup was half empty. That made me think how lovely it will be when I can wear smaller bras again. Smaller bras = smaller clothes.

I have quite literally just finished and although sweating profusely, I feel relaxed and positive that I am on my way back to being me and that makes me feel better than I have for the past 4 years.

Thank you, thank you thank you. I know you guys and this forum are what will keep me going. Love from T xx

I have tried posting but it says I don't have the required permission, as you can see that has been rectified...


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34 Replies

  • Well done for starting even if it was in your flat once you feel confident you can go outside. Just remember everyone is behind some may be in front but everyone will be there to pick you when you feel you are never alone on this forum

  • I love you guys, you're amazing!! Thank you manofkent62 x

  • You are most welcome I think everyone was waiting to see how you got on

  • Ahh bless, you guys are the best honestly.x

  • tight calfs though and my stomach feels like I've done 50 sit ups (I was going to say a hundred but I knew that was just ridiculous)

  • Bra-vo!

    Cairokitten is our resident expert on C25K indoors, so it can be done. The sense of achievement when everything seems to be adding up to "Nah" but you do it anyway is amazing already isn't it?

  • Ain't it just!! It was the support and encouragement from all you guys that made me do it and I feel better knowing that I will do it. Thank you.

  • You did it How_to! Doesn't matter that it was indoors, you've started! Well done! Can't wait to hear when you tell us you've ventured outside though!

  • You see, now you've said that I have to go... Thanks lovely, you guys have inspired me quite literally and I am so grateful for your help, care and understanding. Tx

  • Absolutely and genuinely THRILLED you have started with us :) because I know what you will feel like sooner than you believe if you keep it up and it is a joy to see someone emerge from the depths of self-loathing into a very happy and contented life.

    Everyone here is cheering you on. Trust the programme, and when it feels like 'too much' slow down...and then slow down some more as you are moving. It really is as simple as that :) Stick with us - we are all doing this together, same joys and challanges, same doubts and fears, same journey :)

  • Thank you darling, your words are so inspirational and I will still be here in 6 months hopefullly running 5k happily. Thank you. T x

  • If you stick with us I bet you will be AMAZED at what you are running in six months ;)

  • I can't wait!! x

  • See? You found a way and you kept going - brilliant!

    Lord, the bra issue! I totally sympathise. Black eyes are not a good look! ;) Now I wear a tight one piece swimsuit with a cheap, stretchy, racer back sports bra over the top, which seems to have done the trick. Good on you for getting the first one done. That's the hardest one in the bag :)

  • Hey sweetie, thank you and yes, I feel better for doing it both mentally and physically. I'm liking your one piece swimsuit with the racer back but I struggled to get that off saturday eve with sweat running down my back (sorry, too much information) I spent yesterday researching and have bought online the berlei underwired and unwired to wear together, I'll see how that pans out. Currently on sale at £15 rather than £32 x

  • Brilliant ! I was wondering how you've been doing !

    Well done ! You've made a start , that's the hardest step .

    There's been a few members done the programme indoors , it doesn't matter at all . You're off the couch !

    Good Luck ! We are all here to support you xxx

  • Hey poppypug, thank you for the love. You guys are phenomenal!! and yes, I feel better for doing it, I just want to get to that 30 minutes running and I will feel amazing. Txx

  • Congratulations you are doing it!! The first run is definitely the hardest xx

  • Amazing!! Well done for getting started! I promise you won't regret it!!

    34G here & there is nothing better than shock absorber sports bras! Mine are so tight I can barely breathe when I first put them on but when I run they hold everything in place perfectly. Buy the most solid looking one you can find. Definitely worth the money!

  • Make sure that you keep those puppies firmly in place. They are precious.

    So what can I say? Well done! It is easier once you've started. Keep posting here and feel the love from our community. I think that you are going to do great.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks lovely x

  • Well done! I bought a couple of shock absorbers online recently but need to lose some weight before they'll be realistic, sadly. I also got a Berlei one which was recommended somewhere or other, and it's FAB! So comfy. :)

    And as so many others have said, good on you for starting. You can do it - we're all here cheering you on :)

  • Well done for starting! Good luck when you get outside & remember it's all about you :-)

  • I went outside this evening, over the field where I live but I struggled with stamina this eve. x

  • Good for you. Keep going as the only way is up :-)

  • yeah, there's no going back now xx I

  • Stamina will come it is all about building it up slowing

  • Well done! Yes, I was waiting and wondering...but you did the first one! Hope you make it outdoors soon too - you can't beat running outdoors! But huge congratulations to you.🙂

  • Well done! you're off and started! excellent! :)

  • Hey aliboo70, yes!! who would have ever thought I would run for 60 seconds!! I went out this eve but I found it harder than the first run, I think because I was obviously faster than in my lounge and walked more than I ran. I'll keep going though. Thanks for the love xx

  • Did you do both in the same day?? remember your rest days are important and will make you stronger in the long run (no pun intended!)

    will enjoy following your progress! :) keep on going! :)

  • No, the first was Saturday eve but I couldn't post, it kept telling me I didn't have permission, it's resolved now though. Thank you for your support and encouragement xx💐

  • One step,breathe, one step, and you cracked it. 👯👯 happy dance in order. We all started with one step and you have this one ✔️ Take your rest and go for the next, one step at a time, really pleased for you. Look forward to your next post.😎

  • Thank you Ellymeg, such words of wisdom and encouragement. Xx💐🙏🏻

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