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Time and a half

Very strange experience during Week 1 when I felt that I was completing the run very quickly...seemed to be finishing the podcast about half way through the allotted time.

Devastated, I was convinced my metabolism had degraded dramatically since my attempts 2 years ago meaning I was so slow that I was running about a mile in total with Laura.

Hmmm...Laura, yes, chirpy dude is Laura, speaks nice and quickly, like me, feel we have an affinity, she just cracks on and gets things done, like me, no nonsense.....

Oh what an admission to follow fellow troopers! Checking the foggy screen of my iphone armband sometime in Week 2 I noticed a little rewindy type symbol that said 1 and a 1/2 next to it? You get me? Oh the shame. I have been loving Laura at time and a half.

Husband unsympathetic as I had been crowing about the ease of the program. Now I realise I had been running for half the time-ish I was supposed to.

Husband thought idea of the dreadful pace of the dreadful music making me run like Benny Hill was hilarious.

Can I cite Laura and iphone as co-correspondents in a divorce case?

Soldiering on at normal speed end of Week 4 and actually feel quite reasonable.

Cat x

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LOL, that's funny! A colleague of mine did the same....she's now back on 'normal' time too :-)


Now I have the Benny Hill theme tune stuck in my head!!! 😂😂😂 might have to try your method to speed me up!

Great progress, well done you.

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Hilarious x


This made me smile - thank you :-D Glad you found the problem & are now on track. Happy running :-)


Haha - I remember one of the runs somehow running at double speed. Like you, I was amazed how easily I got through it. Still don't know how I made it run at double speed - music sounded quite weird too!


Love this ! It made me smile... stay with husband.. they can be useful... :) They mutter things, as the programme goes Oh just get out there.. only a drop of rain... !

Normal speed is resumed? well done you!


Lol, we did the same thing for one of our runs but realised when we reached half the distance of our normal 5 min warm up. We ended up ditching Laura in Week 5 because we just couldnt manage the technology 😊


The same thing happened to me, but I think I spotted it a bit earlier than you


😂 you're a star, thanks for the laugh and fair play to you! Good luck and all the very best!


Best confession ever! :-D :-D :-D


That made me smile! Visions of running Benny Hill style in my head now! And squeaky voiced Laura like Pinky and Perky ( really showing my age now!).


Ha ha!


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