Couch to 5K

Was it me?

Was it me who

- thought that my lungs were going to pop out half-way through my first 60s run?

- missed the bus on several occasions cos I couldn't be "bothered to" run?

- thought I wasn't "blessed with the stamina" to run?

- was afraid of making a fool of myself when I started to run?

- felt too tired to be able to move a muscle, ALL the time?

- wasn't a morning person?

This morning was what should've been W4R1. I woke up without the help of an alarm - a miracle in itself, only to realize that it had been pouring all night. It still is, as I type this out..what zapped me was the restlessness that I felt cos I couldn't go out and run! Not that I don't like the idea of running in the rain..I have wrecked one iPhone in the past by dunking it (accidentally) in water, so I don't want to do it again by going out in pouring rain. I am on my way to work and can't wait to come back and get running!

Oh yeah - another thing: I took some advice (was it deryn61's?) and signed up for two 5k each in July and to show myself that I can do it, and another to show myself that I can do it fast!

I am not trying to say that I find running any easier now - I still find myself thinking about and heeding to MaryAB's advice ever so often..she said that when the going gets tough, she simply concentrates on putting one foot before the other!

I have come a long way, atleast in the way I think..and there's no doubt it wouldn't have been the same if it hadn't been for such lovely people like you. My heartfelt gratitude to this wonderful community!

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What a great post! I have to admit that at many points while reading it, I thought "No, that wasn't you, it was me!" - but what this actually shows is that it's (most likely) ALL of us who feels these things from time to time...

Sure, when the going's good, it's great. But when the devil on your shoulder kicks in, that little swine can be hard to shake!

Really good on you for keeping at it, what an inspiration! I would give my right arm for a waterproof MP3 player, as Laura lives in my lovely shiny phone, and I really worry about it giving up on me on rainy days! I do like running in the rain aside from that though, helps control my over-heating, even if I do look like a drowned rat at the end of it!

I hope you really enjoy your after-work run - sure you will do, soggy trainers aside! ;-)


That was lovely to hear! It isnt easy at all is it! I have just finished week 4 and doubts creep in every time I move up to another week. I just keep plodding on. I love how you have written down how you used to feel before running. Good idea to see how far you have come.

Whilst Iam running, Laura lives in my bra (sadly, although Iam overweight, there is room in there!). :)


When I run in the rain I put my music in a plastic zip lock bag in my pocket, and its stays dry, even if I don't.

Still finding it tough 2 weeks post graduation, the running bug is there, but sometimes I still don't feel fit. Currently running 5k runs 3 times per week.


Hi! Great to read this as I am currently feeling exactly that, and I hope I will end up being able to get to week 4 eventually. Struggling on week 1, for a few weeks now, lot's of aches and pains trying to stop me from getting to week 2. Very frustrating, but still proud of myself as I've gone from doing nothing to doing bits of couch to 5k 3 times a week, its hard, horrible and it hurts - plus the weather is never on my side - but I am still determined to try. Need to lose weight for my wedding! xx


Aw what a fab post and could have been written by me too! Thanks for the mention too! I am enjoying the challenge of training for a 10k - just concerned that summer will suddenly arrive on the day of the race leaving me with heatstroke as all my training so far has been in the cold lol!

Andrea x


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