W9R1 – Only 2 runs left but I may be delayed by the weather if the forecasters are right

So I did the first run of week 9 this morning with Laura and the Nike+ lady keeping me company. Cold and frosty run! Also due to a change in work pattern to accommodate Christmas lunch tomorrow it meant that I had run Friday, Sunday and today and I usually have a two day break between Sunday and the Wednesday run so I was a bit apprehensive. But the run followed the normal pattern and I completed the 30 minutes and ran on for another few minutes to get to a place where I thought I would have covered 4.3 K so I could calibrate the Nike+ app. When I returned home and traced out the route it was more like 4.5 K. My next run should be Friday with a grand finish on Sunday but I fear the weather may be against me as the forecast is for heavy rain and wind on Friday so I won’t be splashing about in that if the forecast is correct. So my graduation day may be a bit further away than I thought.

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  • You'll still find a shiny green badge under your tree this Christmas! Well done! :)

  • I hope so and if I am really lucky I may get a new running top from complete runner with the C25K logo.

  • Fantastic exwhightman - and what's a couple of extra days after all the hard work you've put in to get this far?!

    I'm aiming for my Graduation run early next week, but like you, will be dependent on the weather. It will be by Christmas though, which was my original target.

  • Congratulations dottiemay on getting so close to the finish. I am sure we will both get there by Christmas we both will have the mindset now that nothing is going to stop us having come so far... :-)

  • Good luck. I'm due to finish on the 3rd of January I think and I'm scheduled to run on Boxing Day, doubt my family would let me run on Christmas Day itself somehow!

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