W3R1 due tomorrow

I started after a break of 10 days due to flu, but I managed to completed the Week 2.

The terrain that I run happens to be up & down. I find it difficult do it on some slopes which are around 10-15 deg up. I find in this forum that W3 involves runs as long as 3 mins! I am a little anxious and would really like to finish the first run in Week 3.

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  • Is there nowhere you can run that's flat?

    I think I'd rather jump in a car to find somewhere than contemplate what you're faced with on Week 3.

  • Fingalo, I will probably try to find a place. If I cannot, I will anyway try to run on my regular route. I will let you know by tomorrow!Thanks.

  • I wasn't much help but hope you found a spot. Week 3 starts for me on Saturday.

  • Fingalo, I was not able to find a different spot. But I completed the run on my original route!! Laura kept admonishing me that it is only a 'light jog', so I may have consciously slowed down a bit. But I am glad that I have come this far. Thanks! Best of luck with your run on Saturday.

  • The advantage of running up the hills from the start is that they're a great way to see your progress, as long as they're not impossible! The route I normally go has about 0.25mile uphill to start, and the first few times it was such a battle to keep going up it. Now, though, I run up that bit twice, without hesitating - and every single time, remember how hard it was just a couple of short months ago! :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement. I managed to complete my run on the original route! I may have slowed down my jog a bit, since Laura kept reminding me that it should be only a 'light jog'. Will stay with it and hope to go all the way.

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