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W8R1 - Done it!

Well I did it - 28mins non-stop but the pace slowed up considerably (7 kph) but managed to do "the slope" twice, I thought it was important to prove to myself that I could since, as you can see, as it looms large in my thinking.

Separately, thank goodness for the headlamp I bought as it showed up a tree branch right across the path that I would have run through and tripped over without it. I nearly didnt part with the money, now I am glad I did.

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The speed doesn't matter at this stage, Orroroo! You can work on it once you've graduated, the 5k+ podcasts will help you with that. As for the slope, you're well and truly kicking its ass! :)


Woo hoo well done for the run and buying the headlight! Don't worry how fast you are running the speed will come (or so I tell myself). Anyome that runs up a slope is a hero in my eyes, Good Luck with your next run :-)


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