W8R1 - Done

Well what can i say, without sounding over confident, that felt pretty dam good, It was my 1st run in the dark and with howling swirly winds - maybe it is running in the dark but where did 28mins go??

I can honestly say the best i have ever felt in the last 7-8 weeks of C25K ,now i really do beieve i am a runner and yeah i FEEL GOOD !!!!! :D :D :D :D

i even had to go up and down my bit of incline twice to get the time in and even that didnt feel a problem :D

Cant wait for R2 on Thursday , should still be in daylight then :D :D maybe it will feel harder again lol get that graduation badge engraved with my name :D


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21 Replies

  • Well done Rob... knew you could do it... fully understand your confidence. :-) Shame that the weather and the dark may will be a factor in our running sessions. I dont think I have much choice but to drive to the next small town where they have street lights to run with, bit too dangerous in my village even with a "head" lamp. But may also try to start work earlier and get home in the light... think even that may change next week after the clocks go forward.

    All the best for your R2 on Thursday!! Now you can count the remaining runs on one hand :-)

  • Thanks Andy :D at least it didnt rain :D cant say my head torch was much help really . need a re think on that.

    Hope your R3 goes well Andy :D you are so close now :D

  • Well done, it's great to feel like that isn't it. You should feel goooood - running does that :)

    Running in the dark isn't the greatest though is it? I've begun carrying a small hand led torch too - did help a bit I found the other morning.

    Good luck with your remaining runs to graduation.

    :) xx

  • Thanks pink :-D had a head torch but it wasnt that good. Get a better one tomorrow.

    Running in the dark is definitely different

    .Hopefully wont be so windy next time :-D

  • Fantastic rob! Great that you are feeling that you are a runner - not long now to graduation, eh?! Enjoy the rest of the week :D

  • Thank you Tiki :-D its a great feeling .

    If I look back to Week 1 cant believe how quickly it has come :-D

  • Well done Rob !

    I think Week 8 was my favourite too. It just all seemed to gel for me then, and I felt really confident that I was going on to complete the programme.

    I bet the change you feel from Week 1 to now is soo different isn't it ?

    Keep going, we will have the party poppers and balloons out for you next week :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppy :-D it is such huge difference from week 1.

    Got a bit emotion with it lol it is such a Great feeling and sense of achievement. Xx

  • Yeah, that's right , it is ! :-) xxx

  • Well done.

  • Thanks Jo :-D

  • Well done. Great to read such a positive post. Hope I feel the same when I get to W8 :)

  • thank you weeble :D i am sure you will :)

  • So glad you have had a 'Eureka' moment. It's great when that happens and will give you momentum for your next few runs. Run on....

  • Thanks henpen :)

  • Hello Rob. I've done all my runs so far in the dark starting at 6am. I've just done Run 2 Week 7 this morning. I run along the north bank of the Loire. In the dark there is very little by way of landmarks apart from a couple of wooden posts which mark where I turn round and come back the other way. Having said that, by now I recognise small changes in gradient, and in the surface of the path. I was dreading this morning as I've had a cold for the last few days which seemed worse yesterday, with an even sorer throat :(

    So, I added a second layer (an old ski shirt) and a woolly hat, and braved cold morning air a bit earlier than usual, in case I needed more time.

    However the run actually went rather well, doing a longer distance in 25 minutes than run 1 :)

    Good luck with your next run. Hopefully I'll be graduating not too long after you :)

  • Hi Zev and thanks :D well done on your runs in the dark, running by a river even in the dark sounds wonderful :D hope your cold clears soon :)

  • Yep you're definitely a runner! To run for 28 minutes in the dark and in those winds can't have been easy but you did it! And I forgot about the inclines. Well done Rob.

  • Thanks irish :D i went thinking oh boy this will be fun ,then it turned into my best run :D loved every second of it :D

  • Well done Rob, you are so close now. Enjoy the rest of your journey to graduation :-)

  • Thanks Cara, just 5 runs left to do :D

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