Back to 5k! (And a heckling little s**t)

Hi all,

The last 2 weeks back on the wagon and off the honeymoon couch have gone really well. I completed week 5, started week 6 and then for my last run of the week threw the plan out of the window and did 5k (anyone new reading this, it is totally not recommended! I've been running over a year and I was using the programme to get my butt back in gear!) The 5k run was definitely one to remember, I'd overdressed for the weather (how nice was yesterday!) I found it harder than before I slacked off (to be expected as I gain my lost fitness back), I ran past 2 friendly workmen digging up the road (got a hello) and if I find the kid who yelled 'you're fat......ha ha ha' out of a car window I'd run after his ass until he couldn't run no more and I was still going and teach him a lesson (little s**t). I'm overweight not fat and I'm a hell of a lot fitter than most! It's the first time I've been heckled and by a minor at that! I'd love to have given him and his parents a talking to, that's no way to raise a kid!

On the non running saga, the boiler is still behaving after it's new pump was installed, I had to order a new shower in the end which is also installed and is amazing! (Loving it!) and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed on the black gunge fight I've been having with the washing machine. Life's not been dull (or cheap!) that's for sure :D (no new shoes for me for a while, not that I need another running pair, I've just loved seeing all the photos recently!)

This weeks plan and going forward? I'm going to start an 8 week plan I found in Women's running just before Christmas, it has squats mid run and everything!

Happy running folks!


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28 Replies

  • I'll never understand the sad, pathetic losers who think it's hilarious to make life difficult for people who are trying to do something with their lives. A couple of weeks ago I was about 1k into a run when a chap on the same footpath as me, walking towards me, took out a cigarette whilst I was some way away, then waited until he was close to me to light it and blow a huge puff of smoke right into my face. Moron.

  • :( for smoke blowing....blurgh! It is a shame some people feel the need to feel better about themselves by making others feel worse. It kinda amused me that he'd said it for a kid of 10ish, wonder where he gets it from!

  • Haha. I'd love to have seen that scene. You getting hold of the little s**t and giving him what he deserves! Never mind. You're the one running and you'll get even fitter. He will always be a little s**t.

  • Thanks Irish princess, couldn't agree more!

  • Anger is a great running fuel. He did you a favour. I bet he throws Macdonalds wrappers out of that same car window. Love to see his shape in ten years time. Grrrr.

  • Thanks TT! Yes I'd love to see it too in 10 years time :)

  • Agreed! I had a small confrontation with a man I caught peeing in the street at 9am on Saturday morning(!), and after yelling at him and getting all wound up, I had a great run! ;) :D

  • We do seem to come across the 'not so nice' in society when running :S

  • Little bar steward. I would kill my bairns if they ever did that!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!

  • I'm hoping he's and exception to the norm when it comes to raising kids :(

  • Well done for getting out there and back on the wagon. As for the little .......... I really really hope someone In The car told him off but I suspect its learnt behaviour. Good for you for getting angry. I got told by well meaning people who were trying to help that the reason the balls of my feet hurt on long runs is because I am heavy. Like you I'm overweight but fit, I just wanted to come home and cry. I need an anger button for things like that. Happy running.

    Ps your brave squats mid run. They kill my legs.

  • I'll let you know how the squats go.......I'm sure they are going to kill but hopefully do some good at the same time :D luckily I'm not so angry now :) maybe I'll re-channel for the next run, it's not stopped me eating a free muffin today :P

  • Squats mid run! Ruddy eck! That's thorough!

    Take no notice of cheeky kids! I live near a gypsy camp!!! You should hear the stuff that gets shouted at me. Water off a duck's back. I did have a go at a bloke who shouted something really filthy to me as he drove past me. I saw him a few days later when he pulled up to bring his wife and kids to a local footy match. You should have seen his face as he clocked me and realised who I was. His colour drained from his face as he waited for me to drop him right in it with his wife.

    Glad you're back LF! You'll soon be back up to speed. Plus you have the thought of a heavenly shower after each run. You don't realise what a luxury that is until you've not got one.

    Happy running!!!!!

  • ooooh - just sometimes there is justice ! Fab. (Cheek from kids is one thing - a certain amount is to be expected - but rude is something else, and adults should know better.)

  • Yes, we'll see how the squats go :P I take it in your case you took the moral high ground and didn't drop him in it with his wife? Even if you did I wouldn't blame you ;) It's amazing to think how people coped without central heating, hot water on tap, a shower and washing machine, I felt as if I shouldn't be living in these conditions.......made me realise how important we find these things now

  • Very well done.

    I'm painfully slow and have been laughed at by adults watching a kids footy match (yes they did laugh at me as they had turned away from the the game to face me and there was no one else around) I didn't stop but got home and cried. You expect kids to be mean , but not adults.

    We are all stonger / better people than them..

    Keep going


  • They didn't show their kids much of a good example then did they. If they'd encouraged you they would have at least shown their kids people need to be supported and not judged when they are clearly trying to do something better for themselves. We are definately stronger and better! xx

  • Thank you, very true x

  • I blame it on the demise of the class system - the working classes should not be allowed to have cars to shout out of and children of that type should be cleaning chimneys. In reality there are only two types of people - runners and the other type - and the other type should keep their mouths shut. :)

  • Love it runon, couldn't have said it better (made me smile) :D

  • Grrrr...Little s**t indeed. That makes me angry.

    I might start an anti heckle campaign and shout words of encouragement out the window at people who have managed to get their butts off the sofa and are out and about doing it.

  • Indeed, everyone here made it off the couch to improve their lives and should be encouraged, not heckled with mean comments.......when I have kids I'll be teaching them how to treat people :)

  • How annoying and rude. People should be ashamed of themselves and their children - I bet they could run 5km between them they were probably heading back to the sofa. It makes me sad and angry - I too am overweight too but you know what I know I am fit. some people are just horrid.

  • There was a study done recently that said it was better to be overweight for life and exercise than be sedentary whatever your body mass. I hold onto that thought that I will outlive these people even if I don't have a models body :)

  • I just want to speak up for the rest of the Great British Public - so far the only people who've ever said anything to me when I've been running (jogging...) have been little old ladies who say nice things like "Oh I wish i could run like that" and "Aren't you good!" as I plod past them, only just going fast enough to pass them and their little dogs with a big effort. Always makes me smile though, to get a bit of encouragement. Sorry you had a bratty little child be rude to you though. as the others said, probably learned behaviour from home :-(

  • Well it's taken over a year for one kid to make a comment so the rest of the Great British public aren't doing too bad really :)

  • Ha ha hahahaaaa, reminds me of my week 1 run 1 when a charming man made waddling impersonations when I ran past him... Well now I'm a stone lighter and look pretty fine even if I say so myself, and he still looks like an idiot, because I've seen him. So there. Ner.

  • I seem to have opened a can of worms here! glad you've got one up on your idiot, bet he's feeling pretty stupid now you can leave him in a cloud of dust :D

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