I'm like a RED chill pepper 🌢

Soooo just done wk 4 r 1 .

As the gorgeous Mr Smooth explained week 4 runs my gremlins started chattering but I bossily shouted and told them to go away immediately ( well not really that politely 😜)

So off I went nervously tentatively but as old floss says "slow and steady" .

Run 1 3mins much easier than last weeks ( phew) , run 2 , 5 mins eeekkkk - lots of coming and going of those gremlins but again beat them with my positive thoughts bashing them away . Run 3 also hard but I did it yehhhh ( can't quite believe it )

By this point the 🌢🌢🌢🌢 look and feel started to kick in big time . My legs lungs & head felt like red hot chilli peppers -- slowed down my pace but kept going shouting my mantra's over my music - " keep running you can do it " " get fit :feel healthy :get thin"

And then those words "1 minute left you can do it " from Mr S and I couldn't believe I had nearly completed it .

The elation despite looking like a chilli pepper was fantastic - I grinned my way through the cool down walk feeling like I was flying . " I DID IT"

By the way I am a treadmill runner in my garage incase you all think I'm shouting my way around a public place ha ha - not venturing out in public until wk 7-9 or even at graduation .

This program is brilliant - can't wait for next run now . πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ ✨✨✨✨✨

Thanks everyone for your inspiration and support πŸ’—


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7 Replies

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  • I was sporting the same look this evening; so worth it though isn't it. Well done. Keep going. We can do this. x

  • It definitely is worth it but very slow at the moment and still red so guess got this look for s long while . I may set a new trend 🌢

  • You have Mr Smooth and you are chilli red and you are in your garage... do you have the door open so people see, or do they just hear the mantra? Just asking, because when I do my mantra it is a bit creepy and horror movie like...

    But fellow smoothie, you are doing brilliantly. You kicked the gremlins. Well done

  • Thankyou Jancanrun

    No my garage door is firmly shut .... not ready for public viewing of my slow red body running yet . I have music on without headphones so hope it drowns it out. I'm sure if the postie heard me I would sound quite weird and creepy .....

  • I sound weird, creepy and very hoarse... but hey we are getting fit, so it's fine. Unless a member of the public complains of course πŸ˜€

  • I did wk4r1 today too, I run around a disused bowling green where people walk their dogs. Early mornings helps to avoid being seen. I felt totally elated after completing the run but boy are my legs and feet hurting now. Being so overweight is very punishing but how well we have done to get this far. I wouldn't have believed I could run for so long if someone had told me 4 weeks ago πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Well done - yes we should be proud indeed . You are braver than me as not yet confident enough to run in public . Have done very short burst when out walking the dog when no one around to try it . I will switch on days I can in a few weeks once confidence built .

    That weight will drop as we get fitter and our legs will get stronger I'm sure . This program is very cleverly increasing our stamina and strength .


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