Wk 8 run 1.. Feeling great but concerned that I am running too slowly?

I can't believe I am a runner! At 48 I have never run before even avoiding cross country at school and now thanks to Laura and the great motivational posts I am nearly at week 9!! I even ran today in sleet/rain and wearing a very embarrassing woolly hat!

I just feel that I run very slowly. I keep a steady pace but I am sure I am a long way off 5K in 30 mins. Should I start to push the pace this week? Would love advice from others.


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  • You need to measure how fast you run, i hope that doesn't sound daft. I use an app called 'map my run' via the GPS on my phone. It will tell you after a run your minutes per mile. I am on W3R2 and i run about 11 mins per mile, i am 47 and not a runner by any stretch. I am not sure if that helps. Ed

  • I wouldn't worry about pace yet it's about doing the time. You will get faster we just all get to the 5k in 30 mins at our own pace. I haven't got there yet and I graduated at the end march / early April but am faster than I was (did 31.30 mins on a flat course the other week).

    That said if you aren't pushing yourself to the max then maybe up your pace a little...start of as normal and then if you have esomethng left in the tank go faster towards the end. good luck :)

  • If you don't have a smartphone, you can trace your route on the map my run website so that you have a rough idea of your distance, and hence your pace, but don't get hung up on reaching 5k in 30 mins within the length of the plan. You can continue to work on that afterwards, and that is indeed most peoples first post graduation motivation.

  • Well done on your amazing progress.

    Don't worry about pace at all! The point of this is to run/lightly jog for 30 mins without stopping. The "5k" is just a catchy part of the title - honest!

    Remember that this programme is for all - which includes short (5ft) plump 50-somethings like me who hadnt run for 35 years (having avoided all games in secondary school!) aswell as 6ft skinny 19 year olds (eg my neighbours son who played rugby till he was 17 but couldnt do more than short sharp bursts of running).

    I wasnt doing anywhere near 5k at graduation so just built up to it. I added a few mins on after graduating till I could do 5k - this took me 42 mins! In fact it still takes me about 33 mins but I have now got to the point where I am able and happy to run for an hour and a half and do 10k races!

    You are doing brilliantly, keep it up! :-)

  • Hi don't worry about being slow you are out there not sitting on the couch.I am 73 very very slow.graduated in September and still only managed 4k 38mins on Sunday pat :-)

  • Wow - respect!

  • Just keep up the steady pace - as previous posts said you can map your run to check how far you are going in the time, but if you keep at it you will get gradually faster - although it can be a very gradual process! :)

  • Agree with all the comments - I'm the slowest runner in the world I'm sure so don't worry. As Laura says it's about keeping going and getting our endurance levels up. I'm doing a park run with my sister in January. She's 52, 5ft 6 and built like a long distance runner and I'm 42, 5ft 2 and built like a Russian shotputter (so unfair). She covers the ground at a cracking pace and will leave me in the dust but what matters is that we are going at our own pace that pushes us. When I try and keep up with her I can manage about 200 metres before I'm puffed out. She'll leave me in the dust for sure on the park run but what matters is we are both running and doing it at our own pace.

    Put it this way - you're faster than you were on the couch. x

  • Thank you all for your comments. I feel much happier and I will trust that speed will come! I really want to join those Graduates before Christmas! I am looking forward to Wk8 R2 tomorrow.

  • Hi There, Like you I worry that I go too slow. I am an okay with my weight but felt so unfit. At 45 I started this course; I think it is great. I am about to start wk 7 and cannot believe it, Yes I am slow but will work on increasing pace later. Look how far we have come. 3 minutes was once a huge challenge for me. Think long and hard about what you have achieved and give yourself a big pat on the back xx

  • I could only do a little less than 3K at my graduation run. So am sure you are absolutely fine. I am still very slow but prioritised increasing distance to increasing speed. Now that I have run 5 K once, I can think about trying to speeden it up but nonetheless still have the high from covering the distance:-) You should be proud of the graduation.

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