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Couch to 5K
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Am I 'running' TOO slowly?

I have completed week 1 and week 2 on the treadmill at speeds between 4.6-5, when I got to the 3 minute run on week 3 I couldn't complete it at this speed and slowed right down to 4.2 and although 3 mins was hard I could keep going. Should I count this as one of my successful runs or wait until I can complete the set at a faster speed to pass week 3?

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You completed the runs without stopping so you go on to the next week. Well Done!

Speed isn't an issue, it is completing the runs without stopping or walking that matters. Speed will come as you progress through the course but for now it's a case of building stamina and endurance. As has been said before the porgramme should be "couch to 30 minutes" but that;s not as catchy as c25k.

Good luck with week 4.


Thank you! I'm looking forward to ticking off week 3.


I echo Annies comment. Even as a graduate I have a snail and turtle pass me every so often


I totally agree concentrate on completing each run even if you think your going slowly it doesn't matter your speed will increase with time It's the keeping going (esspecially if your finding it though) that's the hardest. good luck with week 4


If you weren't on the treadmill or using any kind of device, you wouldn't even know how fast you were going. You're doing fine!


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