Am I running too slowly?

Ok, I know it isn't about speed or distance covered, but I turned on a running app today and only managed 3.1km in 25 mins. That seems a bit slow?! 5k in 30 mins seems impossible. I did have some technical issue with the podcast freezing so I did slow up for a few minutes but..... Should I try and up the pace? Or just go with the flow and accept that I'll get faster over time?

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  • Go with the flow.

    The programme really should be called couch to 30 minutes as a huge majority of folk do not hit 5k in 30 minutes for some time even after graduation.

    Your current pace sounds very sufficient :)

  • Go with the flow. You can work on speed later, you're doing just fine. Most people don't cover 5k at graduation, some never do. And it doesn't even have to be a goal of yours, some folks prefer slow runs, or even running and walking intervals again.

  • Go with the flow; speed will build up by itself naturally.

    Just arrive to the end of the programme and then keep running 3x 30min every week; soon (sooner than you imagine) you'll be covering 5km (maybe even more) in that time. ;)

  • That's about the distance I managed towards the end of C25K. You're doing fine - just keep on keeping on.

  • Thank you all very much. I will keep plodding in πŸ˜‰

  • On even!

  • Go with the flow... :) No need for speed... not until you feel the need.. maybe never... just do this your way!