Wk 3: I am running

I've always wanted to run, my dad is an avid morning runner and I find myself looking longingly at those adventurous runners along the footpaths around my neighbourhood thinking to myself 'I wish I could do that'. The Couch to 5k has been my little secret for two weeks, mostly because I was afraid that I would not be able to manage even jogging for 60 seconds (due to my lifelong love of couches) and would give up. I thought that by keeping my progress a secret I would only have to answer to myself. Then I found this site. I have taken inspiration from the other blogs and the shared experience of fear, struggle and ultimate triumph. So I am out and proud- I am running.

I completed weeks 1 and 2 with a beetroot red face, a constant stitch and little breath left but I completed them. I still struggle with finding my pace and I only have pavement to run on (due to city living and limited cash for treadmills) but I get a little burst of excitement as I head home from work knowing that I will be out there on the streets gasping but running.

Week 3 Run 1 tonight :)


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  • Hi lifewithoutthecouch :-) - congratulations, you've done sooooo well. I started 5 weeks ago and, like you, can't believe I'm running - actually doing our along with all those other runners!! It takes time but in my experience the excitement has only grown bigger. I haven't listened ahead to the podcasts because I don't want to frighten myself! I reckon the plan is worth trusting and when I get there I'll be able to do it, no matter how red faced :-). Keep on going and you'll find a huge amount of Support here. Good luck and keep us posted, Sara :-)

  • Thankyou Sara! I also haven't listened ahead for that reason and plus I don't want to ruin the surprise of the music :)

  • That's a lovely post. Well done for getting out there and for 'coming out' :-) I'm sure you will go from strength to strength, as many have already with this great programme. It is amazing how the confidence and determination you develop doing this spills into other areas of your life and then you don't want to give it all up. Not to mention those lovely endorphins :-)

    Good luck. Happy running!

  • Brilliant, lifewithoutthecouch! Well done. I, too, have enviously watched all those fitties running effortlessly in the morning sunshine wishing I was a different person, and this little podcast is slowly showing me that perhaps I too can be that person. I've kept it a secret too from most folk at the moment because I've given up at so many self-improvement programmes before. But here I am on week 4, beginning to run for longer time intervals, and my tomato face takes less time to disappear too!! Keep it up, you're doing brilliantly!

  • Thanks for that Fittervic! I am actually using the colour of my face after each session as proof of my improving fitness :) I'm hoping in the end it will be 'slightly blush'

  • Great stuff! As well as finding inspiration on this blog you'll also be inspiring others, both in your neighbourhood and on here! Well done, you can do this!

  • Hi Lifewithoutthecouch -congratulations ! Isn't it a wonderful secret to have ? Welcome to the scarlet face club - Thanks to this site, I'm beginning to think of it as a badge of honour after a lifetime of being embarrassed. The aryhthmic huffing and puffing gradually reduces, (by about week 4!) and I bet in a couple of weeks you'll be amazed when you suddenly realise you have a rhythm and you're not sure how it happened. Last night I did Wk6R1. I feel completely different, and while the fear of failure is still there, it's diminishing. Like Psarapych, I don't read ahead to the runs either, terror is a powerful deterent. I tried running in the park, but for me the pavements are better. They're predictable, and generally flow in one direction. I find their normality comforting in what is really quite a scary activity - the battle of "determination vs the couch demon" !

  • Oh I really like that idea of the scarlet face club and it being a badge of honour! I have always been embarrassed about how quickly I can blush and any excercise just leaves me looking like I have a 3rd degree sunburn- nice to be able to turn that into a positive. I'm also looking forward to developing a rhythm because at the moment I must look like i'm running drunk :/

  • I like your post Annanotherthing - very helpful and also 'cos I'm starting W6 on Friday or possibly Monday as I may repeat my 20 minute run just to make sure :-)! Glad you didn't find out a problem - congratulations, Sara :-)

  • Well done on coming out and getting out!! You are doing really well and this site is a lifesaver, so welcome!

    I too am an urban runner and its not easy after work but yes you do get a real buzz from completing each run and seeing your progress, slow and steady. Good luck for your next run!

  • Thank you for your post. I'm about to run the second of the week 3 runs and your post has greatly encouraged me. It's good being part of a running community - even if it is online

  • aww that is nice :) this community is so supportive and it is so great to be able to follow along with people at the same stage! Good luck with your second run!!

  • I am also on Week 3, run 2 tomorrow. I too am so pleased that I have found some running ability. I don't run very fast but I feel I'm making progress. I find the podcasts really encouraging. It's nice to know that there are others out there at the same stage as me - we can do it!

  • Good on you all, those new to the programme and this site. Well done for getting up off that couch, it's sooo attractive these dark cold evenings. I promise you this programme works, I started running from zero 3 1/2 months ago and I am totally hooked! BUT I couldn't have done it without this community, which boosts you up when you're struggling, offers help with (running!) problems and cheers you on when you do your runs! Good luck!

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