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Week 5 Run 2: Bad Weather

Managed Week 5 Run 2 today on the ice and slushy snow along a path between a waterway and a slippery slope which leads down to a road! Very suicidal of me, but still managed my two eight minute runs. Endomondo is telling me I was rather slow but I made it in one piece.

I just hope the bad weather eases off for my next run on Saturday when I need to run for 20 minutes...panic! Any tips for getting through the mental block of this run will be gratefully received. I'm still suffering from the sore calf syndrome so am a little worried about whether I will be able to move for a few minutes after this run!

I've been thinking about what to do after I complete C25K which I believe should be timetabled in for the 3rdish of January providing all goes well. I'd like to move on to B210K but I've heard it's quite a step up and wondered whether there may be a better alternative?

On a good note I have lost about 3-4 lb in the last couple of weeks and can see a vast difference on my hips and waist.

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Well done on your run, auranya!! You may not have noticed, but you are now just over halfway through the program!! Congratulations!!

Now, tips for W5R3. A nice easy and steady pace. You are going for total time, not a new speed record!! :-) When your mind starts troubling you, just think about how far you have come. 4 weeks ago you were only running for 1 minute...look at you now!! You see, have faith in the program, it has brought you this far and it has you ready for this run!! More importantly, YOU have brought yourself this far, so HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done on getting out there in this horrible weather auranya! You've done 16 mins albeit with a bit of a break in between but you did it. You've been successful at each and every run so far and so you WILL be successful in W5R3 too.

Tips from me would be to really take it easy from the start, don't worry about what Endomondo tells you, you just need to keep going for 20 minutes. If you find yourself struggling pick out landmarks to run to and when you've got there pick another and another etc, the 20 mins will pass. You really can do it - believe that you can and you really will. One foot in front of the other - just keep going.


You can do it - I know it seems long, but I bet you can walk for 20 mins no problem, so why not run? The other things that got me through (I failed my first attempt) was just thinking I'd have to keep trying & trying until I succeeded - and I couldn't face having to repeat it again!


So good to hear all the positive thoughts. I've got my wk5 run3 tomorrow too. We can do it I'm sure.


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