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What a struggle today!

For the first time I woke up feeling less than enthusiastic due to minor illness but my dog needed walking so I had no choice but to go out anyway. Had a mini panic when I realised Laura hadn't said how long I was running for too!!!

Still I'm pleased to say that I struggled through and, doing as I was told, carried on until the 2 runs were complete. Felt really good and pleased with myself afterwards and had stopped feeling sorry for myself too! Even managed a quick game of tug with doggie before sliding home in the snow

Bit nervous about the 25 minute run ahead of me on Friday, hopefully I will feel better by then and be raring to go again (hopefully not in the snow!!)

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Well done hevskii for getting out there when you didn't feel quite like it, you should feel proud. Best of luck for your 25 minute run, I'm sure you'll ace it - if you've done the programme to this point you'll be ready. :-)


thanks notbad :-) it really helps having a dog as I have no choice but to go outside and if i'm going to walk, I may as well run!


Well done, and good luck.


Best of luck, I am doing it Saturday, let us know how you go :)


Thanks, good luck to you too!


Well done, hevskii!! Some days getting out of the door is a bit more difficult that it is on others! Either way, you did it!!

Now onto other business!! You will do fine on your 25 minute run. The program has a way of taking us up to and through challenges that we don't even imagine!! Believe in the program, it is wonderful. More importantly, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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