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W8R1 – trust me to say no need for Yaktrax in southern England then on my next run snow!!

So after replying to Leyther to say that there is no need for Yaktrax devices in southern England I wake up for my W8R1 today and it’s snowing! Well to many “southern softies” it’s snow. A couple of flakes falling from the sky usually brings our roads to halt unlike the council’s up north who know how to handle this sort of weather. So it was a very light dusting where I run and had stopped falling by the time I started running, but it made a change to be running on white paths and leaving the first footsteps through the park, even the early dog walkers seemed to have stayed indoors. The usual mind games as I ran the route but I completed the 28 minutes and even managed to speed up in the final minute (distance 4.0256 K, average speed 8.626 kph) something I never did in week 7. Getting so close now I can’t believe it only 5 runs to go!

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In my part of the south east we had more than just a dusting and it fell heavy just at school run time, so I've been out driving (have to drive, drop kids off to 2 schools, one in next village). The snow was so unexpected that the roads weren't gritted. my usual route is down tiny country lanes, but I took the longer bus route way today, and still slid in a few places.

I haven't run since last Thursday and I'm kind of glad that I'm not fit enough to run today, not sure how I'd fair on snow.


Another soft southerner here too! Not running today but the light flurry of snow did have the usual effect on the trains this morning....delays and cancellations!! Brilliant!

Glad you still managed to get out there though and not long to go now!! Best of luck for run 2!


ps I have persuaded my hubby to order my Yaktrak now as as early xmas pressie in case it gets worse.....


Oh dear exwightman, please don't blame me!! :) Well done on the run though, believe it - you (we) are getting so close to the end of this. Someone posted something good on's the end of the beginning and not the beginning of the end. bring it on eh?!!!


Only just a few more runs before you are an official Graduate!!!! Maybe Santa will gift you with Yaktraxs! :-) Wishing you continued success!! Gayle


Running in the snow well done you, not long now. As another southern softie the snow was rather a shock and I have to say it would have been much quicker to run to work today, it took an hour to go 2 miles! Good luck with the rest of your runs :-)


Well done, ex!! Look at you go!! You will be sporting that shiny, green "Graduate" badge before you know it!! You may have to dust a bit of snow off of it, though!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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