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Week 5 Run 3 - HOW Did I Just Do That!!!!

After a horrible run in week 4 after an illness, my body thought it was ok to start again, but as soon as I started everything ached and I couldnt get my breath. Came away so upset and was absolutely convinced that I was just one of these people who couldnt run - end off.

This morning i just done 20 mins - well I never. So gobsmacked I am still in shock.

So I thought how about let you all know what I did different from other runs so far.

1. Yes its bad but I never had a brekkie, just a banana, the reason being Im a 45 year old mum of three with no pelvic floor - need i say more.

2. I used a foam roller to stretch my calf out before and after.

3. I dropped my speed a little.

4. I put all my fun loving, dancy, sing along tunes on my phone and had it set so my favorite ones would get me through the last few minutes.

RESULT - so non believers, when you hit your wee brick wall - adjust things and things will turn around. Good luck all x

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Hi amy well done, we all have bad runs. Very easy to give up and

go home so good for you for keeping going. I have to be honest

and dont understand the pelvic floor thing, Ed x


Just accept that ignorance is bliss Ed.


Brilliant, Amy!! Look at you go!! 20 minutes without stopping!!! Isn't it a wonderful feeling? :-)

Your blog is the exact reason that we shouldn't put so much importance on a bad run. It is just that, a bad more, no less. It happens. After all, we have bad days at work, but we don't quit our jobs. We have bad days of feeling ill, but we don't just give up and die. Why do we view a bad run any differently?

Welcome to W6!! You are doing wonderfully!! Look out there...can you see it just floating...I think I see it...yes...a wonderful green "Graduate" badge in your future!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Brilliant Amy! Keep enjoying that feeling - wonderful achievement and a big step on the prog - hope you can now see that you CAN run and you WILL graduate! Fab - keep it up :-)


brilliant Amy! Also mum of 3 and at 44 pelvic is in perfect working order! Tip exercise those muscles in the pelvic floor. Just like ten sit ups won't give you a six pack you need to keep working them every day to resolve any issues.


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