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Week 5 Run 3 , I doned it I really doned it !


So excited and elated, I did it. It was tough but definately doable, though I never in a million years thought Id say that. I lay in bed thinking

Shall I, shant I,

New Garmin be here in post wait uintil you get that

But if I use a new toy for an important run I might spend more time wondering if its working

Just get out of bed and do it,

But its 8 hours before my day of rest is up

But then again you got 2 babies all day, cant see you running after that lot

So up I got, didnt even brush my teeth or comb my hair and out the door, only to find Laura decided I was on week 3, never mind, I just kept running after the 5 minute warm up walk, right thru the 3 minute walks and so on, then just as I got to the last 5 minutes, the silly girl quit on me altogether so I had to guesstimate the last 5 minutes, which I over compensated for so as not to cheat myself, AND I DID IT, that last 5 minutes was all up hill, almost killed me but kept going, feeling so happy, 67 years old , never run in my life and I can run like a snail for 20 minutes, so proud of me !!!

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Yay you doned good!

Congratulations, that's a massive milestone within the program completed, at 67 you should be rightfully proud :)

Best Wishes


Cant stop smiling ! and my garmin should be here today, the excitement might kill me !


That is brilliant, Grannyjudes! I think that W5R3 is so important, because it gives us the self-belief we lack. I had a smile on my face for several days after that! Just remember the advice to heed the warnings about W6. It looks deceptively easy after W5R3, but for some inexplicable reason it's a toughie. Please let me know how you get on with your Garmin. Well done again :)


Massive congratulations. Week 5 is a massive milestone in the programme and you've now proven to yourself that "you can do it". Pace isn't important now - you RAN for 20 minutes... that's huge and you should be very proud of yourself...

Just remember that Week 6 is a sneaky little beast and that although the intervals on R1 and R2 might seem like a step down in effort, they are trickier than they seem... Just go easy though and you'll nail it!

Well done - enjoy your rest day! You've earned it!


Told you so. I never had any doubts - well done and enjoy your rest. Day, you deserve it. Do, please, remember the warnings about week 6. Very slow and steady because those intervals are very deceptive. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


so happy, and feel like I want to go out and do it all again

support on here is amazing and inspirational, thanks everyone


Yay ! Brilliant stuff Grannyjudes ! Its an amazing feeling isn't it ? All the best for Week 6 , upwards and onwards ! :-) xxx

Well done you did brill .new garmin on the way too , wouldn't be without mine , bet you can't wait . Congratulations grannyjude


A word of caution. Please go steady. Hills can hurt your ankles. If they are steep then walk them. You're a new runner and need to build up slowly. Your body has to acclimitise

Enjoy your running. It's a great feeling to have another run ticked off isn't it


Amazingly well done ! So pleased for you, 'that run' really is a turning point where you can see that you are definitely going to make it to the end. Well done!


Well done! I looked forward to W5R3 in about the same way I looked forward to my driving test! If you get past W5, you KNOW you can do the other runs. As misswobble says, take it steady, and enjoy.


Its 10 hours since I got back and still grinning. Cant get to the garmin tho as I got 2 grand kids here today and they talke all my energy and more, thinking I will tackle it with a glass of wine tonight !!

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