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Hot and Cold?

My problem is the following: early on icy mornings, my legs are perfectly warm in running tights and so is my trunk (sleeveless shiny vest below running jacket) and although my arms warm up during running -- to the extent that I have to roll my sleeves up -- but then I'm shivering with cold in the top part of my body after I've warmed down.

What about head gear? My woolly Crystal Palace hat only lasts 10 minutes and then I get sweaty. Any suggestions?

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Im like you, hot when I run but cool down too much when Im done. I did try running with a vest under my long sleeve tshirt but just felt hot all of the run. I wear a baseball cap if its raining/bright sunshine & that seems to keep me just right. I think I get so cold after cause I end up with wet hair through sweating even though it is tied back :) Ive just bought some really thin compression leggings/top for those really cold runs but havent had a chance to try them out yet. Im hoping that they will be thin enough for my body to breathe as well as keep warm.

is it possible to get closer to home & shorten your cool down walk? I know that mine is definately not the 5 minutes it used to be.


I run in a park that I get to by car -- so the cool down walk is towards the car. I don't think skipping it entirely would be such a good idea, although I could shorten it. Are compression tights the shiny ones I have? They are great -- thin but warm and not sweat enducing. Very tight fitting too.


Is your cool down outside? Maybe you are shivering due to the sweat evaporating leaving you damp and chilly? I wore a long sleeved top under a sleeveless gilet for todays run (I am off work with a nasty head cold but just had to get out there for 20 mins at least....) and found that fine but I do tend to run back to my house and cool down indoors; as soon as I start walking outside I really start to feel the cold kicking in so its best to keep moving.....

For evening runs I wear a long sleeved top under a light showerproof running jacket and have found it ok; I unzip it if getting warm but dont find the long sleeves too warm in this weather. Maybe try short sleeves rather than sleeveless and see how that feels first before progressing to long sleeves.I have got a couple of thicker, thermal long sleeve running tops that could be worn with no jacket if its dry out but havent worn them as yet; I am keeping them for when it gets even colder which looks to be in a few days time.....

On my head I am wearing a running cap with a large peak, good for rain, and I dont overheat at all with this. I have a beanie for when it turns real cold or maybe try a headband shaped to cover your ears if its these you prefer to keep warm rather than your head; that might stop the overheating. Or how about a buff that you can wear on your head and pull down or off if getting too warm.

Its not an easy one is it, getting that balance right between hot and cold as I hate being too hot. I have read recently though that you shouldnt be warm when you start your run; you should actually feel slightly chilly when you step outside and if you dont then you are most probably wearing too much.

I suppose all you can do is experiment until it feels right - best of luck!



Thanks Sue! I'm definitely going to try a buff (and chuck out the Palace beret!) My cool down is outside and I drive home -- I run about 3 K away from home. I have run to the park in the past but dodging/negotiang traffic is not easy and besides, I hate running on tarmac. I guess you're right, experimentation needed xox


Gloves and hat come off when I get warm enough and get stuffed down my trousers (I refuse to call them tights). Then they can go back on when I'm walking and getting cold (though it's only a couple of minutes up that hill to home). I've not yet started wearing layers so it's either my short sleeved t-shirt or long sleeved thermal t-shirt and so far (apart from when I've worn the wrong one) I've been fine. I do get really cold when I get back indoors unless I jump in the shower pretty pronto.


Oh yes, shower pronto is a plus!


I think if you're not going straight home for a hot bath/shower & change of clothes, then keep a change of top in the car or at least a warm fleece to put over the top. Even in the cold my hair gets wet and sweaty (yuck) so when it gets colder I'll probably even stick a hat on when I get back in the car. I think even if the spare top makes you feel too hot and sweaty until you get home, at least you're not cooling down so you should avoid the shivery bit. I shivered uncontrollably after a training session last week so I've been careful about putting something warm on straight afterwards.


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