Hot Hot Hot! Buster Poindexter (1987)

An early touch of Spring...

"You're hot, I'm hot, he's hot, she's hot,

All the running people feeling hot, hot, hot."

Oh friends, what a beautiful day for running here in the farmlands below The Ridgeway. Straight away I could feel the warmth of the sun on my jacket, and all to soon I was feeling too hot. I'd gone out with a short-sleeve running top under my jacket, and gloves. Well, I didn't need my gloves after about 30 seconds, and I had my jacket half undone by the first km marker.

I didn't go out at the end of last week (rotten head cold) and all of the snowdrops along the banks had come out in bloom since my last run. There were still patches of snow on the verges, but with the warm sun as it was today, I guess it will have all gone before my run on Wednesday.

Was it W1r1 podcast with the song "It's a beautiful day..." So true :-)

Happy running everyone & loving the tags.


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20 Replies

  • So true KK, this beautiful day has really cheered me up. It was lovely being out in the sunshine. frolicking around like a baby lamb. In a few weeks we'll see the hares returning to the fields and running around almost as fast as me :-)

    As the temperature warms up, my mind will turn to what all young men think about in the Spring... (how can I improve my Parkrun time this year, and 'have I got enough running gear?').

  • it is positively cool here today and some much welcomed clouds!! Unfortunately it only clouded over at doing my cool down walk but it is lovely to have a cool day (24-26 degrees), sadly it won't last though rest of is set to be 33.

    Marky D you will never have enough running gear!!! i sure some new summertime clothes will find they way to your house.

  • In the Autumn I was running in a pair of Ron Hill tracksters. To be perfectly honest, they are Mrs MarkyD's and she was wearing them hillwalking in late 1980s. So I reckon it is about time I manned-up and bought myself a pair. Such choice!

  • Just don't call unannounced at the weekend :-)

  • Not been running today so I am so envious of your lovely run!

    I've mostly been in the subterranean hell hole that is my understairs cupboard, tiling the floor. Yuk. I could hear the sounds of spring outside and it just make me more ggggggrrrrr!

    Well done Marky. Keep up the good work and flying the flag while I'm in the pantry

  • I was invited out once for 'a night on the tiles'. It was very different from what you are doing! If you can see the sun tomorrow, that's your trigger to go for a run.

  • Oh yes MarkyD it was gorgeous out there today. For the first time this year I didn't need my running jacket and even then it got a bit HOT! Love it.

  • Unfortunately I cannot believe that winter is over, so we need to enjoy every warmer day whilst we can. I definitely need some more running gear... sat alongside March Runner's World.

  • What was the weather lady talking about on sky news this morning? Cloudy and mild she said. First thing here was sub zero, gorgeous sunshine and the thickest frost I've seen for years. I left it till late morning to get out and it was a very sweaty affair!

  • That'll be the clear skies overnight. The frost here burnt off pretty quickly where the sun was on it. It was 100% the best running day of the year so far.

  • Sounding nice and chirpy there Marky! Spring's around the corner- woohoo! :-D

  • Well, I'm a "the-glass-is-100%-full" kind of guy. 50% beer and 50% air :-) But a lovely run in early spring sunshine... what's not to like. One year ago I wouldn't have even noticed the weather, that's what C25K does to us.

  • sounds wonderful marky :D glad you got out to enjoy it :D all i saw of it was out the office window .

  • My office window is my home study window. I can go out whenever I want :-) but still need to get the work done. That's why I'm at my desk (*ahem*) working now. :-)

  • I certainly don't recall Mr Johansen in any of the podcasts. It was all cod-Coldplay and even worse.

  • _worse_ than ColdPlay???? How can that possibly happen? You're right, the music on the podcasts was a bit eclectic: country (farmyard songs), something that sounded a bit like Muse (w4??), rap, ska, everything in there. Luckily I graduated to my own running playlist, but it does drive you through the programme I suppose.

  • You'd think Worse than Coldplay was a contradiction in terms, but there is a clip on You Tube of Gwyneth Paltrow actually duetting with Chris Martin.

  • LOL!

  • Sounds lovely :) So nice to feel the warmth in the sun again

  • Such a change from last week! I'm so happy to see the sun again x

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