My running group braving the cold in Shorts & T's..brrrrr

My running group braving the cold in Shorts & T's..brrrrr

Shorts & t's in the cold?? Well, it may be a tad nippy when starting off, but you soon warm-up when running. I layer up usually with a jacket, if I get too warm then at least I can take the jacket off and carry it or tie it around the waist, would rather have just too much clothing in the cold than not enough in case for any reason I have to stop running and stand around..Like messing about having photos taken!😁


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  • Brave soles! You do warm up but like you I always take a jacket. I had an accident recently and it brings it home to you that you need to be able to pop a jacket back on if needs be. I was wearing hat and gloves too. The gloves (which I hardly ever wear) saved my hands

    On that note I shall now get ready for my first run in 3 weeks. Due last night but jog group was cancelled

  • Hope your injury is much better now wobble! Believe you hit your mouth as you went down? A lady friend of mine tripped over a tree root in the dark while running downhill and smacked her mouth, no, she didn't have a torch! I gave her a mild ticking off! Take care...😊

  • Yes I've smacked my front teeth. I had some treatment on Wednesday to shorten one as it was lower than before and causing all sorts of problems. It was like it wasn't mine. I have to go back in two weeks. The tooth is still alive fortunately but the dentist wants to keep checking it regularly. It is still painful though and eating is difficult. I have been on soft food for just over 3 weeks.

    I was wearing my lit running head torch. I was on the main road with the jog group where it was well lit but one lady fell and I fell over her. Just one of those things unfortunately. Hopefully that's it now and I won't ever do it again. Glad i had gloves on!

  • Glad you are making progress x

  • Sounds a bit like a skiing accident, doesn't it misswobble? When one topples over and the next falls as a result. That must be very painful for you Wobble. I do hope that the root is not damaged and it stays healthy. Have they any idea when the pain will settle down and you'll be able to eat "normal" food? Floss x

  • ouch that looks nippy!!!

  • No thanks

  • brrrrrrr. People keep jogging past the office window, but mostly wrapped up rather warmer than you lot! Making me cold just to think about being out there at all, let alone in shorts. *shiver*

  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    Nope not for me.. my leggings and my buff and hat and jacket too! As you say you can take stuff off..., I can strip off if I get too hot.. (as if that's likely) ! :)

    Brave bunch.. :)

  • Great photo ! I think I would draw the line at running in the snow. Especially with my knobbly knees on display.

    This morning at 6 am I braved sub zero temperature (though pavements and paved towpath were dry). succumbed to wearing fleece , woolly hat and gloves. Ran a bit slower but felt good about myself getting out. Before doing C25K I would think anyone running anywhere today was mad.

    I have now become that madman !!

    Well done !!

  • I did it! I ran!!! 8k in the end. Felt fine. Covered my mouth with a buff, wore gloves, hat, run jacket and my merino run top, long running tights. Plenty toasty. Yippee!

  • What a lovely running group! Full of smiley faces, how wonderful. Very brave souls in shorts and T shirts, though I suppose they don't feel the cold, at their age ;) My running group would consist of just me, but I might just post a photo one day, once I am back running, that is! Perhaps it will be on a beautiful summer's day! :)

  • Feel the cold! How old are you!? 80? The lady in orange top is 60 this year! (And runs Parkrun in around 25 mins!)So like me not exactly a Spring chicken, but don't tell her I said that!😁

    Floss, your knee seems to be taking an excessively long time to right itself, Maybe your posted photo will be summer of 2020?πŸ˜–

    Have you had further tests on the knee at all? injury seems to go on a long time, what is the prognosis?😊

  • LOL! As a matter of fact, I am not 80, but if you subtract the square root of 784, you'll get my age! ;) Weirdly enough, my consultant said whilst the original fracture seems to be OK (in so far as I told him it was no longer tender when he does his vulcan death grip on it!) another 2 cm further down actually is, (his vulcan death grip makes me want to shout out loud, but being very British, I just raise my right eye brow at him!) So, he has said that he will put me in for another scan in 5 weeks if it's not better by then. I am now PWB for 4-5 weeks, but I did go "cycling" in the local swimming pool yesterday, which was heavenly, not only because I felt weightless (ha ha) but because I got to see other people. I sat on a float and "cycled" my legs, whilst doing breastsroke arms. I also swam with the float between my legs and walked up and down the pool. I feel a bit like a hermit at the moment and I can completely empathise with "the elderly" or "the young" for that matter who are housebound. The bonus is that I purchased an excellent value (sale item) pale blue poncho to wear (if ever I do get out) which is much easier to put on than a padded jacket, the latter of whose sleeves don't easily fit inside the arm thingy of the crutches! :)

    Hmmm . . . Summer of 2020 . . . how did you know that I am actually secretly preparing for Tokyo and that I am lulling my opposition into a false sense of security? LOL :)

    Have a great weekend, love to Slinky. :)

  • Well at least you're doing some stuff, keeping mobile.. That poncho will look good when you get back running, you'll look like Superwoman running along at superspeed!πŸ’ͺ

  • They do look brave. Is that the weatherman in the shorts!!!

  • Yes! Looks like the weatherman off the beeb about 30 years ago!😁

  • Oh crikey Floss! Sounds like you are having a right old time of it. Good though that you could go for a swim. Being incapacitated does make us very mindful doesn't it. I am on my feet though so can't complain

    Dentist is optimistic my tooth will recover. It will take a while I think as it still hurts. I can't bite down on anything yet. I tried a soft scone just now. Murder! Watching brief at the dentist

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