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My first day out

Out of bed just after 8 am on Saturday morning, slash and a splash, gear on and out the door in ten minutes, having left a note on my pillow for the undisturbed Mrs Fingalo, 'Gone runnin'. Have to say I was both eager and slightly apprehensive.

Laura (for it is she) gives the instructions in my ear and so I start with a brisk five minute walk. For what reasons I know not, I wanted to time the end of this section just as I arrived at the front (we live on the coast) so I circumnavigated the square outside our door before heading down. Two things stick in my mind as the panorama opened out, the romantic being how beautiful a morning it was, with the sunlight across the sea and secondly, how much the sight of a team of about eight runners flying along holding something aloft would have deflated that optimism were I to have realised (as I did when I passed them later) the things they were holding aloft were car tyres....

I probably needn't add they had finished their run when I passed them.

Laura advises you not to go off too fast (women, it's always about them!) so I tried to take it handy enough as I broke into a jog for the first time. The minute comes up pretty quickly yet I still enjoyed the 90 seconds of brisk walk it's succeeded by a bit more. Then again with a 60 second burst before the brisk walk again, repeat eight times.

And that is how the bastards draw you in. After all, even an unfit, never exercised in his life, sofa loving, taxi drivers dream like me can run for a total of eight minutes out of half an hour, right?

Well yes, as it happens but by feck did it make a holy mess of me. And while I ran every running section, by about the third walk it would be a hell of a stretch to call it 'brisk' although I did try.

Quite frankly, after only three or four of the run sections I was thinking I'd never see my beloved again and it went through my mind that my last words to her might have been something slightly more appropriate than a joke about my morning jog, so you can imagine how I felt as it went on. My lungs felt like they were on fire, I was sweating like David Cameron at a Murdoch dinner party and my breath was coming out as if every one was going to be my last.

In fact I was delighted I had the earphones in because although I tried to keep some distance, often I'd find a running section took me right up behind folk out for a morning stroll and I was unable to hear what it was I sounded like, although from their reaction (I swear to god that one poor aul sod all but vaulted the fence onto the sand) I don't think Cowell will be looking to get me on record any time soon.

Anyway, thanks to Laura (fecking bitch) I got through it and lived to fight another day. Although if it takes as much out of me on Monday as it did today (it's 7 pm and we're just about to head out to meet friends for a few pints and a meal but would rather take to me bed) I think I'll be talking to the HR department about refunding a days wages come the end of the month.


Calves slightly tight after first walk but okay after a couple of the run sections. Lungs bursting. Legs okay until later on, at which stage I could feel a bit of a wobble in the walking sections, especially the five minute walk at the end.

To sum up, while I didn't have much of an idea how I would get on, it was much tougher than I thought it would be and I look forward to the days when I read this and think "imagine I found such a stroll in the park difficult".

Next stop, Monday morning.

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Great blog!! I have to confess I don't think I ever quite managed a brisk walk in between the running....I was always just pleased if I continued in a forward motion!!

Good luck for Monday


Thanks. Your comment about the walking sections helped me realise I shouldn't beat myself up too much about being unable to maintain a pace.


Marvelous, marvelous, marvelous, Fingalo!!! What a perfect start to this program!!! Look out my friend...I can tell it in your attitude...barring injury, 9 weeks from now YOU WILL BE A GRADUATE!!!!

Welcome to C25K!! I absolutely loved every word of your blog!! Every thought and ache that you shared took me right back to my first few runs!! Well, to be truthful, it took me back to all of my runs...I still sound like a horrid creature when I am on the trail!!

I especially enjoyed your fears that you final words to your beloved Mrs. were insufficient!! You see, my wife Gayle (gdeann) and I ran every step of this program together, graduated a couple of months ago together and continue to run together. Each time we start our run, we share the same words..."Its' been nice knowin' ya." We still fear that one of us could easily DIE while we are running!! :-)

Please, keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)



Great blog! I love the enthusiasm and it took my right back to my first run!

You are right too that in a few weeks time you will look at that and realise how far you have come, because you will amaze yourself! Your body will adapt itself every run and before you know it, you will be running for 30 mins!

Welcome to the community, the support on here is great. I'm looking forward to your next installment already! :)


Well done on taking the first step. it is a tough one and make no mistake there will be others along the way, but the sense of achievement and tangible benefits you will get along the way will make it worthwhile.

I didn't blog until I was a number of weeks in, but I wish I had so that I could look back at my week 1 as I am sure you will in 9 - 10 weeks time.

Welcome to the community and I am sure you will find it a warm and friendly place full of people who are going through, or have recently been through the same process.

I look forward to reading about your progress.


Well done what a fantastic blog. I always set out with enthusiasm and at some point in my run wonder if I am going to die or collapse especially in the first few weeks. You have done it now, you are on your way to 5K, good luck with r2 and don't forget to tell us how it goes :-)


Thanks for all the support guys.


lol , that was was soooo witty , cant wait for my first date with Laura tomorrow , well not quite first, lets just say we have been on a break.


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