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W6R2- the Gran with the Grin

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Bolstered by support from this forum, a mouthful of yoghurt before going out the front door and two Ibuprofen with lysine- and the descision to run first and do the dog walking next- out I went.

Laura started to talk- like a zombie Dalek! Technology malfunction! Argh. I had to go back indoors to get my glasses on again and find a way to reset to normal Laura mode ( although zombie Dalek mode would be considerably slower I suspect I would kill people as the music dragged interminably on and the runs turned into marathons...).

Set off again, lovely fresh morning, gentle early morning summer sky- and I nailed it!

Went slower than slow for the first 10, and was actually coping with it and whilst probably beetroot of face, I could actually breathe!!! And found myself almost enjoying it! A strange feeling of powerfulness seemed to set in... Then on the next run I sped up a wee bit at the halfway mark, and carried on for about twenty seconds after Laura announced the end of the run- just to show who was boss. I only stopped running due to remembering warnings on here about beginners pushing it and getting injured... Oh, and the prospect of W6R3 looming as well of course!

I covered 1.3 km on the walking sections, and 3.0 km on the running sections, according to the Moves app on my phone. Got to the end weirdly happy, and feeling back on track and slightly proud to be out there and doing it... Then out for a half hour stroll with the dogs round the park. Ah me, and still a days work ahead πŸ˜€

17 Replies
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well done and good luck with run 3, sounds like your going to smash it!!

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you Sandra! I haven't decided yet whether run 3 will be tomorrow night, Thursday morning or indeed Friday morning- I would almost say I'm looking forward to it which is weird because it is a bit scary too...!


Well done, you are on top of week 6 and the dogs still got their lovely walk too!

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Glossy

Thanks Glossy! The dog walk is definitely better as a warm down rather than a warm up- particularly since they're older dogs who like to stop and sniff a lot πŸ˜€

I think you're going to find that that weird happiness comes and visits you more often now. Well done. As you said, you nailed it.

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Thanks gary_bart- some of the thoughts and feelings which this programme are generating are unexpected - and make me wish I'd got off the couch long ago!


The funniest part of your post was the need to go home and put ur glasses on to reset Laura! Going running is one of the only times I can get to be glasses-free, would have to do the same as u if ant reading was needed. You r not far off 5K there, well done. I am doing w6r2 tomorrow so excited now to see how I do!


Hidden in reply to JoolieB1

This made me smile too! Although I've switched halfway through the programme and now wear my glasses during the run having found I enjoy the run more being able to see! ;-)

JoolieB1Graduate in reply to Hidden

I can see without them, too reliant on verification which have ruined my eyesight forever, but reading would b impossible!! I carry them in my bumbag LOL

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Hidden

πŸ˜€ I'm better without them for distance - isn't it a pest when your nose gets sweaty and your glasses slide down?!

Hidden in reply to AvatheGardener

No they don't slip, maybe they are a snug fit?! I accidentally went out without them for last night's run. Everything was a blur, maybe it's better that way so I can't tell how far I have to run! ;-)

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

I know! Sometimes those darn gremlins will try anything. I can see fine but nothing in focus for reading etc- was totally 20:20 till a few years ago. Very funny! Good luck with your R2, it sounds as though you're all over this πŸ˜€


That's really good! Knew you'd do it... ;-) Sounds as if we run at a similar pace. I honestly feel as if I'm going really fast on my runs! Haha. Halfway through week 6 now.

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks mimsickle- I know I'm like a snail with a limp out there πŸ˜‰ when I ran with a proper runner for W5 R1 and 2 she did encourage me to slow down so I have done that- and it makes a huge difference to being able to complete these runs since I'm gasping for breath anyway. Actually when I think of it, this last run I felt more in control of my breathing, which is how come I was able to go a bit quicker. Hurrah us!


WELL DONE. That powerful feeling is great, isn't it? It's worth all the gasping and despairing of the first couple of weeks.

AvatheGardenerGraduate in reply to mfamilias

Yes it's pretty strange some of the feelings and emotions which I have arising out of this programme; side benefits I think. I'm not losing weight from it but I am getting fitter and the mental side of it is - well- mental πŸ˜†

I hated Laura lol. She always told me to start running with the hill upfront. Even tho I used to walk as fast as I could to get it out the way

It is an amazing programme a d works even with shot lungs too.

We'll Done xxHH

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