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Lovely not so long, not so slow run (thanks to wandering Bedlington) this morning!

Lovely not so long, not so slow run  (thanks to wandering Bedlington) this morning!

Hadn't been out much recently (dark wet nights & lots of other stuff going on!), so was determined to get out and do a "long slow" run of about 6 or 7 miles this morning. So much so that I declined my usual Sat eve couple of glasses of wine and went to bed with a good book at 9pm!

It was fab! Cold, obviously, but the sun was about to come up over the mountain up the Afan Argoed forest. I usually set my Garmin when I get near the car park so it finds the satellite signals in time, but today hadnt remembered. But I started running straight away anyway (up the gradual incline) as it was too cold to walk whilst it did its thing! It took nearly a mile to do its thing - presumable due to the high trees? I often dont enjoy the first few mins but this was just so - easy somehow! I was really into my stride, about 2.5 miles up the track, when Boy got all excited and suddenly dashed off up a vertical heavily wooded slope and disappeared!

I jogged back and fore along the same 250m bit of path calling for him but he was gone. I heard a very very distant excited bark. My concern was that he would go so far over that mountain he would run out of forestry and find some flippin sheep! I couldn't follow him, there was literally no way up through the undergrowth.

After about 25 mins of this, I decided to run back to the car, put on my extra layers (hat/fleece/fleecy gloves) and have some of the tea out of the flask I had prepared and then walk back up to see if I could find him.

The sun had come up and the path and surrounding vegetation were glistening with frost, it was truly beautiful!

I was about a mile from the car when I met up with some dog walkers who confirmed that they had just seen a worried looking Bedlington running down the track towards the car park!

I upped my pace and soon met up with Boy who was doubling back up the track towards me. Phew!

So, not as far as intended but much faster (at least the 2nd half) than planned, and I am worn out! He stays on the lead next time!

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Was that photo taken this morning? He's got a very guilty look on his face.

I'm glad you enjoyed your run and got him back safely (it's always a worry when they go off and do their own thing).


Thats an old pic, I didnt have a chance to take any pics this morning!


Haha, Deryn, he certainly gave you the run around this morning! Bless him, he looks so lovely! Glad you got him back safely.


He's gorgeous ! Glad he came back after his little adventure :-)


It's always those runs that we plan as being 'easy' that turn out to be little adventures. Sounds lovely though, with the frost. He looks like a real character.


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