Lovely long run

Went out just before 7am yesterday and did a 7k! My goal was just to do 6k but I was so far from home when I got to 6k I just kept going.

Really wasn't bothered about speed (avg km pace was 6:29)... in fact I was more concerned with running past as many of Stratford's landmarks as possible - I think I managed about 7.

Also saw the weirdest cloud formation ever - it might have been steam from a chimney possibly. It was a wavy column with an almost perfect spiral directly on top of it, bit like a Mr Whippy ice cream. I looked up a couple of minutes later and the wind had taken it.

I absolutely love early morning runs on the weekend as there's hardly any traffic about and it really feels like you've beaten the rest of the world to the day.

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  • I couldn't agree more about the joys of an early morning weekend run. That's a great pace and a great distance you achieved -well done :)

  • Well done! Don't go overdoing it and ending up on the IC though!

    Beautiful description of the early morning feel- but oh my gosh 'not bothered about the speed'... I would be delighted with 6:29 average, My last run was 6:42 average and PB is 6:32... so you're achieving a fantastic 'cruising' speed there 😀 Your cloud formation description reminds me of the bubble blowing act which is part of La Soirée at the Speigeltent- quite the most astonishing thing- and the whole evening is the best way to have fun sitting down 😀

  • Sorry, about the pace comment. I knew as I was running it just didn't feel as difficult as other runs because my mind was on other things most of the time.

  • no probs and don't go apologising for finding that easy- I'm just a smidgen jealous is all ;)

  • Sounds wonderful - and I do agree about the joys of early morning running. Really sets you up for the day!

  • Great stuff! Sounds like the ideal run. I noticed the clouds on Thursday evening. They were so fantastic ☺

    Not done any early morning runs for aeons 😊

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