Lovely morning not so lovely run

Lovely morning not so lovely run

Hi went out this morning for w8r2 it was a lovely morning ,the run wasn't so lovely though as I started off too quick again which I soon regretted as  I went a different way and it had more inclines than usual,I had to stop for a few seconds a couple of times but did manage to finish the run will next go out sun or Mon where I will concentrate on slowing right down, oh and have included a photo of some horses that I had to run past which startled me as they weren't in the field on wed's run.


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  • Looks like a lovely place to run! Not far to graduation now! It was in week 8 that I discovered I could really slow down and at that speed I felt I could run forever. It was very liberating, and it was fun. Very slow though, I think I ran at 8:45 per km! But suddenly there were new options. Good luck!

  • Thanks 

  • Stunning photo :)

    It was worth a dodgy run to get it- there's always positives :)

    Think you're being hard on yourself though- few seconds of stopping on a new run still sounds like a resounding success Steve :)

    Just a few more to graduation then the world's your oyster :)

  • Gorgeous photo. The slower you run the longer the run and sometimes that's all you want. Well done.

  • Beautiful photo! Well done on completing the run and not long to go to Graduation :-)  

  • Thanks it is a really nice place to run 

  • Love the photo..gorgeous ! 

  • Thanks

  • I did the same earlier this week, I started off too quickly and then it all started to unravel.   I got a serious stitch because I had not fuelled up appropriately, followed by indigestion and I had to walk for a bit.  Also before I start I like to fix in my head what distance I am intending to hit and I didn't do that either - oh and I also left my podcast behind.  Apart from that it was all lovely !!

  • Slow and steady...and you'll be fine.

  • Stunning photo Steve.

    You did it, job done, chalk it off and onto the next one !

    Good Luck ! :-) xxxx

  • Thanks I'll try and slow it down on Monday.

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