Gorgeous day for a run

Gorgeous day for a run

First run post graduation and what a lovely day for it. The sunshine was calling me, so I drove over to my daughter's and fetched her beagle and off into the woods we went. There were some pockets of frost here and there, but it just made it pretty instead of dangerous.

Now, I am one of those people who need a solid goal to aim for, so I have already signed up for a canicross event that is 8k and takes place at the end of February, and with that in mind I already had a Bridge to 10k app on my phone. My son helped me choose it over Christmas, it's a mix of 'run for a set period of time' and 'interval run' days. And, you know, there's a bossy person to tell you when to go and when to stop.

Today was 'run' for 20 minutes, which the app helpfully informs me is "faster than a warm up jog, but you can still hold a conversation". I think I managed okay? Map my Fitness tells me I knocked about 20 seconds off my average minutes per kilometre, and that was with the beagle trying to stop and play with other dogs every now and again.

Thursday the app has me down for doing intervals that include something called 'tempo' which sounds a) ominous and b) not fair on the dogs, so my son has said he'll come and help me with my pacing :o


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10 Replies

  • How wonderful to have your son as a mentor/coach/aide. Well done for decreasing your time by 20 seconds. Sounds like you've got a great plan there! And what a lovely photo too!

  • The girls are very photogenic 🐶

    Son is heading back to London on New Year's day so I have to make use of him while he is here.

  • First post grad run and a sunny day - that's great. Ahh, and there are the lovely doggies - beautiful. Is the beagle wearing a 'ruff' harness, looks similar to my dog's..... Your springer/cav is pretty, definitely the face of a cavalier! Looking forward to a photo of lots of dogs at the Canicross event in February - it must be quite exciting for the dogs (and owners!). Just out of interest, which Bridge to 10k are you using?

  • It is a Ruffwear yes 😊 it's not a proper running harness, but it does for now. She has a very cav-y nature to go with it 🐶

    Um... ACTIVE 5k-10k. One of the trainers is a Sergeant Major!

  • Sons are the best pacers ever! So handy ;) Go go Graduate legs :)

  • As long he remembers I'm more than twice his age.

  • Brilliant pic of the dogs x my cavalier is the laziest dog ever and would disown me if I made her run and my jack Russell sniffs every blade of grass x congratulations on your graduation and continuing x x

  • Thank you!

    The cav side of my spaniel loves her bed and her creature comforts, but once we're out the springer part of her loves to cover a lot of ground (unless it's raining when she turns into a princess!)

  • The bossy person works so well. I think I need a few weeks of that to get my act together.

  • The best bossy person is one on whom you turn down the sound. 😉

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