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Graduation Run - Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!

Well peeps - my 9 weeks of C25K are up and I graduated about an hour ago! Not quite at the 5k in 30 minutes level but managed the entire run at a pace of 5.5mph so ran 4.42k in total. Not bad for a complete novice and leaves me with a great goal for the rest of the year to work my way up to the elusive 5k!

My plan now is to continue with the week 9 style runs and continue to build my stamina at the 5.5mph level and try a few minutes at a time running at 6mph (eek!!) :)

So chuffed I managed it. Had a slight mishap though - 20 minutes in and all of a sudden my laptop on which I was playing my music decided to shutdown to install some windows updates! Luckily my hubbie was in and heard my gasping shouts. He got it going again so I was only without music for about 4 minutes - you've got to laugh but thank goodness he was there - its the first time he has been whilst I've been running. The thought of stopping and then trying to start again would have been horrible!

Can't wait to get my green badge. I just need to look up who arranges it. Good Luck to the rest of the week niners! YOU CAN DO IT! :)

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Absolutely brilliant Sue! Congratulations!! Its good now to aim towards that 5k in 30 mins which is what a lot of us have been doing since graduating but it still eludes me.....!

Contact John (JR21) in the directory under admin for your badge and wear it with great pride!

Now go and celebrate and have a super weekend!! I have a funny feeling you will..... ;0)

Sue x


Well done to you!!!! And thank the lord for your Hubbie! Congratulations, all the hard work has paid off, enjoy basking in the glory :)


Well done to you, great that you already have a plan for continuing. Enjoy your graduation and lets hope we both get our green badges soon :-D


Congratulations, Sue!! What an amazing nine week journey, wouldn't you say? It is hard to believe just how far we come...from one minute up to 30!! What a wonderful accomplishment!!

It sounds like you are well on your way to the total 5K!! I am sure that you will have it checked off of your running list very soon, also!!

Enjoy your weekend and take a day or two of rest. You will need it to shine that wonderful new "Graduate" badge when it arrives!!

Congratulations again and Keep Running!! :-)



That's great, Sue! What an acheivement! I got a shock when reading your post - thought for a minute you were carrying your laptop round while running! Then I realised! Good luck for next challenge - I'm using the 5k+ podcasts to get my time for 5k below 30 mins and I'm getting tantalisingly close so they do work. :) looking forward to seeing your badge - I kept checking about a hundred times a day (okay, slight exaggeration!) to see if mine had been delivered yet! :)


Thanks everyone, you're comments mean the world to me. :)

Will deffo check out the 5k+ podcasts - have them saved in my favourites already! My legs are feeling it a little today but I don't have anything too strenuous planned so no worries. Hoping to do a wee runnette tomorrow at some point - I think will stick to runs on Monday and Saturday but probably knock the Wednesday after work one on the head until the nights are lighter. I found running on the treadmill looking out of the window onto complete darkness a little boring! :)


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