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Here we go! W1D1

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Well hello everyone!

After conquering the first 7 days of not smoking, I thought I would return to running after a very long absence!

Tomorrow will be my first week and first day. When I eventually get up (I wont get home from work until 6:30AM!!)

I'm starting for 2 reasons. The main one is to blow those cobwebs of my poor lungs and get them working in a good way again.

Secondly, after loosing a fair amount of weight pre-giving up smoking, I thought running would help me keep it off, as I am snacking for England at the minute!

Thanks for reading!


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Well done for giving up smoking for starters!!!!!

The best advice I can give is trust the programme and have fun!


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Ditto what hevskii says :) Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on. It's a great programme, there are lots of great people here, enjoy your running and remember your sense of humour as you may need it occasionally ;)

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Wow, well done on both counts- giving up smoking and getting active! I used to keep a big stash of carrot sticks in the fridge when I gave up smoking for when I needed to snack (all the time!) and I also found chewing gum helped too.

Enjoy the running :) I'm having a week off due to lurgy and I'm really missing it.

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Well done on becoming a non-smoker. Great idea to use exercise to help manage the side effects of stopping. Within a few weeks you'll notice massive differences in your breathing and fitness, not just due to the running, but due to not smoking. It makes a much bigger difference than you'd ever imagine. Good luck with the program - if you follow it at your own pace you actually can't fail to do well.

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Well done and good luck with the running! :)

Good for you and well done! I finally packed up the fags at 56 and since it hadn't killed me I started the programme and am, today, about to do W8R3. It's astonishing what a little self-discipline and push can do. When you think you've run as much as you can take one more step and always aim to complete the run - doesn't matter how slowly! A snail would pass me but I don't care! Phil

well done with the non-smoking thing! I lost lots of weight before I gave up smoking - then I put it all back on again. So I started running.

Tell you what - I never thought I would get to like running but it's brilliant. I managed through week 3 and tomorrow is my first W4 run - I am quite looking forward to it.

I will keep my fingers crossed for you and keep us posted :)

Good morning and welcome to the programme. I am (trying) to get W3R3 done but work gets in the way. So i think about running with others and the encouragement you get which keeps me putting my trainers on. I havent run since last saturday and wont again til tomorrow but i am looking forward to it. I am doing the Cambridge Parkrun purely so i can run with others. Yes i will be muddy, wet and exhausted but what fun. There are times when we cant be bothered but its worth it if you stick with it. Good luck, Ed.

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Welcome to the community Neil! What great reasons to take up running again and I am sure it will help you with both plus make you fitter and healthier.

It really is fun and all here have been bitten by the bug and cant believe how it takes over everything now! You will find lots of encouragement and motivation on this site which will help you through the highs and the lows.......

Enjoy the programme, take it slowly and in no time you will be running for 30 mins.

Best of luck and keep blogging about your progress.


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Welcome, Neil!! Congratulations on both quitting the smokes and especially on the weight loss!! Toss this running lark in with those two and you are going to end up fit and healthy before you know it!! Well done!! :-)

As you go through the program always remember that it is more important to finish the runs than it is to finish them quickly!! Speed and additional distance can always come later!! It is very important to trust and believe in the program, but it is much more important to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!! Have fun!! :-)

Keep us posted and Keep Running!! :-)


Thanks for some great words of encouragement.

I went out today for my first run in a long time. to my surprise it wasn't quite as bad as I had built it up to be.

I took it steady and was eager to not over do it early doors.

I'm really looking forward to completing the program even more now I've had a taster!

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SBG356Graduate in reply to janner_10

The bug has bitten.....told you so!!! Glad it went well.

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Hiya janner

Welcome to C5k its a GREAT programe and load and loads of the lovliest people you could come across. Congratulations for giving up the ciggies you will feel so much better for it in the end just keep focused and enjoy the 9 weeks cause they go so fast once you get going (well that was my experience anyways) smhall says above BELIEVE IN YOURSELF its a must !!! Look forward to hearing all about in in your blogs..... :-)

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Double congratulations, Neil. Running is exactly the sort of thing that will take your mind off old habits and you'll really feel the benefit. I quit cold turkey and have absolutely no regrets, just feel so great and so much healthier.

Have fun, look forward to hearing how you get on

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Good for you. I gave up the fags 4 years ago. I still have my moments when I want one but I wouldn't go back. Stick at it.

As for the running, I'm just back from w7r2. I always looks at runners and thought mad fools but also secretly admired them. Never thought I could do that but I can!! :-)

And you can too.

Have fun

V x

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